LAPTOP- Off the Shelf for Trading- preferably 15 inch Max

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    Looking for New Off the shelf Laptop with 32 GB Ram - 500SSD Max - 15 inch preferably all under $1,600.00 Any suggestions with what you are using ???
    Currently working at Home with a Dell Desktop less than yr old, never gets over 30% Memory and 25 % CPU usage. ( Intel i7-10700 with 32GB Ram - 8 core / 16 threads ,WD_BLACK 500GB SN750 NVMe ), And I am running Tradestation 9.5 with 5 Desktops with Scanners and over 30+ Charts as well as Trade-Ideas scanning. Viewing this on a Dell 43 Inch and a Dell 29inch Monitor. In a couple of Months Im going to be on the road and will be working out of places like WEWORK CO-Work Spaces. Cant shlep the Desktop or Monitors around So Im looking for a LAPTOP that will handle not the complete array of charts and Scanners and Trade Ideas but something that wont be slow and drive me crazy. Plan is to go with TWO-
    Dell 27 Monitors - P2719H which can be rotated vertical giving me a lots of real estate to view similar to home They have MST Display Port so they can be daisy chained together.
    My Current setup at Home.
    M upload_2021-6-6_18-14-5.png
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  3. Check out ASUS, which I think is within your budget (good for travel). If $1,600 bucks is money to you, maybe you should reconsider your trading career???
  4. Look at Google and find a laptop for you which should be useful for your trading style.
  5. Seriously, ASUS is good, and good value for your money...

    Look within their website, and talk to customer service, and ask them what you specifically want...
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    Bought a Huawei Matebook 14 last week exclusively for TWS trading and love it.
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    ASUS electronics are notoriously poor. Everyone I know with an ASUS laptop or phone recently has had major issues.
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    Thanks for that heads up on Asus
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    Never knew they made Laptops, keep me current in how it does over time.
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