Laptop/notebook PC recommendations anyone?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Ken_DTU, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Ken_DTU


    Hi --

    I'm looking to get a new notebook/laptop.. any recommendations for a decent fast one for trading on the road and making presentations for seminars?

    My last one was a Compaq Presario 1200, it's still working great for a relic :p
    (I'll call Tia).

    Looking for something bright and shiny that works well. HSIA a must (highspeed internet connectivity, sharp graphics, reliable P3 2Gig or faster etc).
    Any recommendations? Let me know, good/bad experiences with Compaqs vs Sony Vaios vs Dells etc... appreciate it!

    I generally like pcmagazine editors' choice reviews, as in:,4149,1202690,00.asp

  2. I really want to get a WUXGA (widescreen 1900x1200) laptop, but my current one won't die so I can't really justify it yet. That would be my recommendation.
  3. I have IBM think pad R31 notebook for 2.5 year now,
    and bought my IBM desktop system one year ago.

    Used it almost 18 hour a day (shut it down when i needed
    tp sleep for 6 hours) for 2.5year and still use it and till today
    nothing went wrong with it.
    Btw IBM Thinkpad undisputedly has the best keyborad among
    computer makers. Hardware wise i can tell you, it fxxxing tough.

    I recommand latest IBM thinkpad and nothing else.
    Make sure it's MADE IN UK.
  4. Notebooks for trading need to have a big high res screen. Sony makes a good 1600X1200.....look at and see if they still have that one with xp pro for $1,525.00.

    Michael B.
  5. nitro


    These are my current favorite laptops. They are blazingly fast, and have the brightest largest screens as of today (this is not a WUXGA screen, but Sony may make them in XBRITE - I don't know.)

    The key to their brightness is the new technology called XBRITE. It is _amazing_.

    As far as speed, you can get a real Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz on one of these machines (you better be near an outlet though if you are going to want to use them for more than an hour on battery.)

    You can put up to 2GB of RAM in this laptop, and it comes with as much disk space as you could realistically want (60GB+)

    The only downside to this machine is the keyboard - Sony is braindamaged for letting this keyboard get on this pricey machine. But try the keyboard out, it may not bother you as much as it did me.

  6. Ken_DTU


    hey thanks all ... the compaq presario x1000s look good .. will check the others too ...

    Looks like they're all preloaded w/XP ... I've never used windows XP -- from what I've heard it's a bit of a headache compared to the win2K pro I've been using -- anyone use XP, how's it compare w/win2Kpro?

    x1000 reviews (I like the user forum reviews best.. they're the most candid):

    looks like the x1000's the "target" to beat ... now, costco, compusa, or compaq direct? ...some pretty mixed reviews though in the cnet forums ... so will at least go see one in person myself before ordering ..

    unless I see any others out there... the sonys look nice, but some are on the pricey side at 2600+... I haven't used dells/gateways though they're probably fine too .. thx all -- I'll go take a look at the sonys as well ... I like their monitors/tvs.. haven't tried their pcs..

    thx re thinkpad/sony ideas, will add those to the list to go check out at costco/compusa too ..

  7. 17" HP Lap with 1440x900 res no good?
  8. Check out Toshiba. They make a satellite that has a 17" screen and is pretty fast. I use one for trading and work and I find it is great. The screen is wide enough to put a couple of charts side by side without having to flip. And performance is on par with my desktop.
  9. Luto


    1) Heat is an issue. They are not designed to be running all the time. Yeah there are fans but it is a high stress to get em hot. if you live somewhere such that the ambiant temp in summer is over 90f then you want a laptop cooler.

    Heat is generated mostly by 3 components: CPU usage, HD usage and RPM speed, CD DVD usage.

    I use TS and it is a real beast and will peg the CPU on my 2 ghz P4M when the markets get moving. So consider how much CPU you really use. (hint: run Windows TaskMan-Performance on your desktop).

    2) Video resolution. I run a laptop with a 17" LCD attached. With an ATI 7500 it works fine.

    Just FYI what I use:

    Fujitsu E series with 40 Gb 512MB ram, and an NEC 17" LCD as a second monitor. Runs TS

    Fujitsu P5000D with 256Mb Ram to run the brokerage order entry programs.

    I use the fujistu because of the right cost performance ratio. I used to use Sony but they raised their prices a few years back. IBM is delux but $$$, Dell and gatway are ergonomcally "old". Toshiba, compaq and HP are okay, but I perfer going with the largest laptop manufacuter in Japan, Fujistu. I also suggest Good price, no tax and excellent return policy for the dead pixels on the screen. i

    When traveling I link the two to a single phone or net tap using Windows internet sharing.

    Both are on laptop coolers

    Hope this helps!

  10. me too....

    only one that I know of is from Dell, and I really don't like those people anymore, what with their charging US prices for India/Indian wages
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