Laptop multi-monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by themickey, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Sorry I read the whole thread rather quickly. My mind was occupied by all the talks about docstations and triple head monsters. LOL :D

    So... OP... do whatever Xspurt said!
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  3. Do you need to change anything in your settings to run a mon off of aUSB/VGA adaptor ?
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  4. You should have a driver disc with the adapter and then it is PnP. All you need is to set it up in properties
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    Great feedback.
    The reason for the additional 3rd monitor (I currently just have my laptop screen + a monitor running off VGA Port) is for coding work.
    When coding I need to see my code window + charts + another screen for pop up windows and odds and bobs. ATM, working off only 2 screens is difficult, especially as the coding window is quite large.

    I'm not requiring the additional monitor for trading and if it were, would not be a hassle as I'm not into frequent intraday trading, mostly I'm longer term, hold for several days.

    As an aside I actually run 4 laptops + 4 additional monitors off the VGA's, but only one of the laptops is for coding. The other 3 laptops are Trading (no testing, just pure trading), Internet/emails plus another runs Amibroker.
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    One suggestion i have is you will need to put in a more powerful power supply if running additional monitors otherwise you can do damage to your hard drive. Standard power supply units aren't strong enough to handle the additional video cards/monitors. I learned that first hand.
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  7. I am scratching my head. This is a discussion on a laptop. Why would an additional graphic card and a more powerful power supply come in to the picture?
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    Because your laptop's power suppl is made to handle the laptop and an additional monitor, NOT an external video card to expand to 3 monitors therefore you need an more powerful power supply or you are going to toast your hard drive
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  9. Where does your external video "card" plug into on the laptop? Want some clarifications. Any specific make/model?
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