Laptop is shutting down due to over needed

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BoyBrutus, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. When my laptop overheats it just cuts out.

    At first it ran slow at CPU 100%, this was due to dust buildup in the fan and fins so I cleaned this and afterwards I reapplied the heatsink compound AS5 to the CPU/Heatsink and reloaded the OS.

    Problem is the laptop is now switching off when the CPU runs at 100% and it seems to hit it easily.

    I can run the laptop all day on low CPU resource programs.

    I have checked the CPU is locked secure and put everything back together correctly and the fan seems to work fine.

    When I say overheat I mean its like the overheat cutout trips but it can happen within five minutes of starting and running a high CPU program.

    What could have happened any ideas ?

  2. The problem changed after cleaning and new heatsink goop?

    Doing the heatsink is tricky.
  3. How old is it? Maybe take it back if not too old. I found that a dual core processor on my desktop solved the problem of 100% cpu demand. Notebooks have a problem with heat to begin with.
  4. My laptop computer is 6 years old and running at about 3 % usage now. You might hit ctrl-alt-delete, click the processes tab and identify the program or process that is overworking the CPU. Maybe you have a virus.

    I remember receiving automatic updates from Microsoft about 15 June, 2007. I recall those updates slowed my computer down so as to make it useless to me for an hour or so.
  5. Your probably better off getting a new system; depending on the CPU, if you are getting it hot enough to repeatedly shut it down, odds are pretty good that there is permanent damage and your problems will continue to grow.

    If you insist on sticking with this; and you know for sure the cpu is running hotter than before; you probably put too much thermal grease on it. It takes a extremely small amount to create a VERY thin layer. More is BAD... it will diminish the ability conduct heat away from the CPU.