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    Ive read quite a few of the threads and it leans toward a Desktop and build your own.( Priced out components I would use puts me in around $1,100.
    I have come across this ASUS LAPTOP has interesting parts in . Love to hear every ones views on it.
    2020 Asus TUF 15.6" FHD VR Ready Gaming Laptop Computer/ Intel Hexa-Core i7-8750H up to 4.10GHz/ 32GB DDR4 RAM/ 128GB SSD/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB/ Backlit Keyboard
    Here is the info on it.
    What got my eye on it is that its a 6 CORE i7 with 32 GB Ram,
    { Yes I know it has a small SSD but currently only use 100
    GB on a 200GB SSD and its loaded down with personal pics and files which this laptop would not have any of that on it. DO have a back up 250 SSD laying around I could swap out }

    Best of all is it only $1,129.00

    Thanks for adding me to the group.

  2. kmiklas


    I need more info on the screen. A big chunk of laptop value is the screen. Is it pixelly? LED? What kind of LED? Max resolution? The video controller says 4GB, but does the screen support that?

    I always shell out for very good screens, because I stare at them all day. A grainy screen results in eye strain and headaches.
  3. zdreg


    Isn't heat emanating from a laptop and shorter life span an issue?
  4. xandman


    It is a gaming system. You are paying a premium for the GTX 1050.

    But if you judge it as a gaming system, a GTX 1050 is very entry level. And a smart gaming shopper chooses an optimum Video Card that can play his favorite game at high resolution at 100+ frames. A competitive gamer should have an Nvidia card that ends in *60, *70, *80 along with all the crazy suffixes.

    Additionally in the realm of gaming, there is no need for 32G ram. Some use it for virtual machines. It's really weird they didn't put that extra money into the SSD. A gamer would have chucked that drive and replaced it himself.
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  5. Gekko2020


    It will not be the primary screen- will be connected to 2 - 27 inch Dells.
    (specs - 15.6" diagonal FHD IPS anti-glare micro-edge WLED-backlit (1920 x 1080) Display on the laptop )
  6. 2.30Kg, that's too heavy.
    This is what i will get cash on delivery this Sunday . weights 1.60KG
    and fast enough for trading. It's $200 cheaper in US than here.

  7. I use display adapter cable to 1 -27" Dell. How i can connect to two 27" LCDs?
  8. xandman


    Very balanced, it says: I work hard, I trade stocks but can still hang at Starbucks or play a quick FPS game to connect with my kids.
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  9. Atikon


    If you are trading with Interactive Broker, this one won't cut it. If you buy a Laptop look for C USB with GPU Signal (?) so that you can connect multiple Monitors via USB C if you want that kind of thing (2 x "49 would do the job too ^^)
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    Consider a docking station. Then you get the portability of the laptop for your caffeine-fueled trading sessions at Starbucks ventures, and when you're home, just pop it into the docking station to enable your two big monitors, mouse, keyboard, etc.. so you don't have plug and replug all these connections. Also, laptops with two display outputs get a little pricey.

    The first one below has two USB-C ports, as @Atikon suggested. The seoncd has two HDMI and display ports.


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