Laptop goes to sleep and has to be restarted

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  1. I bought my laptop last August and it has been trouble free, but about a month ago it began locking up on me if it remains stationary for more than 2,3 Minutes or so.

    Sometimes I can refresh the page and it will return to life. But many times, nothing happens and when I refresh the page, I get a blank screen.

    If I have any other windows open, I get the same results.

    I went to settings to see when it 'goes to sleep', and it is set at 10 minutes when it is plugged in, 5 Minutes for battery power. I rarely use it the battery though, it stays plugged in.

    The screen locks up after 2,3 Minutes or so and I have to restart the computer.
    Previously, all I would have to do is hit the spacebar to wake it up and start typing or surfing.

    I went to history / settings and removed all the cookies, deleted my website history, deleted all the extraneous search engines, and ran a new virus check, but nothing has changed.

    It's annoying and I have run out of ideas.

    Any suggestions?
  2. hilmy83


    you don't need your sleep setttings to be that short.

    i personally dont use sleep settings when idle, instead use it on when "lid is close" to go to sleep.

    your laptop probably getting screweed up with these short sleep cycles.
  3. bookish


    I had this happen I was laying down and had my aptop on my chest and my shirt was blocking the vents the laptop was overheating and shutting off.
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  4. I changed the settings so that the screen goes to sleep after 25 minutes and turns off after 30 minutes.

    I'll see what happens.

  5. My vents are not clogged, and I rarely hear the fan, but I had that problem with a previous laptop. I understand how it would cause them to shut down.

    Normally, I only restart it once, maybe twice a day.
    Perhaps I should do this more often.

  6. Turveyd


    Switch the Sleep to Disabled, don't switch it all off, hate the sleep on closing the lid aswell, want it to come back to where I left it.

    Ran Spybot2 ??
  7. Overnight


    Two things to try...

    Disable your screensaver.

    Keep the task manager open and in full view when you walk away (sorted by memory usage). This way it if is locked up, you might see on the taskmanager screen something that has a runaway memory leak.
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  8. d08


    Sounds like a problem with power states. Try updating your BIOS.
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  9. My screensaver was already disabled.
    I checked, it said NEVER.

    I disabled all but 2,3 startup functions in the Startup tab of the Task Manager.

  10. I'll try that Thursday, too late now.
    And I'll hold my breath when I do.
    I don't want to mess up the BIOS

    I also went to update and security and downloaded all the updates, there were only 2.
    Then I went to HP diagnostics and checked for updates and there were none.
    I also did a system check and nothing came up in error.

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