Laptop geforce 640m support 2 monitors?

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  1. Hello

    I have Gigabyte Q2542 laptop with Geforce 640M + SSD

    I am looking to buy LG 29UM57 for additional monitor along with LG EX2351 that I already have.

    I will be connecting HDMI for 29UM57 (2560 x 1080) and VGA for EX2351 (1920 x 1080) from my laptop. My laptop monitor will be turned off.

    Will my laptop graphic card handle this?

    Does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Check the tech specs. Nobody likely to know unless they have the same as you.
  3. just21


    Go into the bios on the laptop and see if there is a setting to enable a second monitor. One option maybe to mirror the laptop screen, choose two screeens.
  4. Looks like you checked the specs on the video device only?? You need to check the specs on the laptop itself. It will say how many monitors it will support. If it says "2", then you can work it somehow, but that doesn't mean it will necessarily support the resolution you're counting on.
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    As Scat said. Check the Laptop spec not the video card. Had similar issue with a nvida 305M... Card specs state will support 2560 x 1600 but if Laptop only has an HDMI connector you most likely will be limited to 1080p... to obtain the higher resolution the laptop needs a "displayport", HDMI 1.3, or DVI-D dual link... (which is needed for the higher resolution with DVI)

    Regarding dual monitor... 99% sure you will be able to use laptop screen and extended display. Two external monitors is highly unlikely...

    And before everyone piles on regarding USB external monitor adapters... the USB drivers usually create a conflict. I tried them in the past and they were more nuisance than they were worth.

    IF you seriously need multi-monitors and a lightweight portable computer.. you may consider a small form factor "SFF" desktop with a low profile video card...
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  6. k p

    k p

    I can't vouch for the USB adapters, but this external monitor from Asus which does have its own built in adapter works beautifully.

    It works in both USB2 and USB3 plugs, and I read that you can connect up to 4. For a portable setup, using the notebook screen along with one of each of these on each side would be a killer setup for a traveller.

    I use my notebook screen along with an external monitor and now this Asus USB monitor for a 3 screen setup running from just my notebook and it works beautifully.
  7. NoBias


    It does look like a nice external monitor.

    However, it does use the displaylink drivers which I experienced conflicts with in the past.

    Albeit, it appears updated drivers for Win7, USB3.0 and displaylink may have addressed those problems. In which case it appears a viable solution.

    Considering Win10 constant updating business model, it may on occasion still "break" until displaylink catches up, "just thinking out loud". Time will tell...

    I personally like ASUS products. If I were interested in a portable external monitor the above looks like a nice candidate. I just gave up on Display link software and opted for two lightweight laptops when travelling.

    I stand corrected on my position regarding USB monitors...

    edit: I would not put too much faith in USB2 performance though...
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  8. k p

    k p

    I can only say that I plugged mine into a USB2 slot and it worked, but no extensive testing as I have a spare USB3 slot that I use so might as well just use what its designed for. The reviews seem to say that it works for some people and not others. The other thing I've seen mentioned is that the monitor might not be great for fast moving things like gaming, but for trading, it works just fine.
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