Laptop for trading recommendation

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SuperVolatility, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. My current Dell Latitude
    Mem 2000
    Hard Drive 40G
    Processor: Intel (not dual)

    is not cutting seems. When I run TradeStation with bunch of custom indcators and Infinity Futures platform on the same machine my TS freezes...I have to shut-dwon for 3 min and restart to resume trading...really getting bad.

    Any recommendations for upgrading my laptop??? I

    I wonder what others running TS on and if anyone running TS and Infinity at the same time.

  2. get hp business duo core 2 (2GHZ)
    at least 1G Ram
    what ever the hard size but at least 7200 rpm, if you can get 10000 rpm better

    nvidia 256mb graphic card

    fuck windows vista, get xp pro or windows 2003

    i always install windows 2003 EE on my machines all else suck
  3. that one I was going to metion...I do't like Vista....but latest Dells come with Vista...I might have to reinstall XP Pro...after purchase. not sure if TS and INfinity support it.
  4. Not true. All of Dell's Small Business models offer XP as a choice.
  5. kbehr


    I use an MacBook Pro with bootcamp and XP. I have IB and RealTic charts + an extra 30" monitor if I'm home. Works hangups.
  6. I run Tradestation on a Dell Inspiron 1720 that I purchased recently. It runs great. I believe that dual-core with >= 2 GB memory should help your issues. I have Windows-XP Pro on it, though, which probably helps out.
  7. I have an IBM(now Lenovo) Thinkpad T41p and love it. It is really sturdy, has metal hinges. T series has a thin, light, simple and clean form factor. Waranty service is great. IBM has service contractors in every major city that can fix almost any hardware issues in 2 days. I am about to get a new one only because mine is 5 years old and I need a faster processor and more ram.