Laptop + external monitor travel advice?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Carry888, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I'm thinking of upgrading my notebook soon to a Dell Inspirion E1705 (newer version of 9300) or similar. Others on this forum say you can run two external monitors off the 9300 (plus the notebook screen?).

    For trading when I am away from home (primarily for longish trips) it would be convenient to use 2 external monitors. At the moment when I travel I take my current laptop and try and borrow another monitor where I am visiting - but it is not always that convenient.

    I was looking for advice from anyone who does travel with an external monitor or two. Obviously weight is an issue, as is the size of the monitors and possible damage. It looks like if I removed the stand I could fit a 19" LCD in my laptop bag. Pity they don't seem to make 19" LCDs with resolutions greater than 1280x1024 (I looked at the listed dimensions of the Dell 20" but it doesn't look like it would fit in my laptop bag).

    I'd appreciate any advice or comments from others and would be interested in what solutions other travelling traders have come up with.
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    I used a 17" since it has the same resolution as an 19". I had to remove the stand from an NEX V series. And place it in a Pelican case with the laptop. sturdy but heavy as all get out.

    I have since given it up and just use the laptop which has WUXGA 1920x 1200, if I really want to be connected.

    During my research I found a few things that might be helpful.

    1) There are some monitors with folding stands. That might be good. The stand was more a pain than the monitor.

    2) the VTbook PCMCIA card work great for the 3rd monitor. I just run it in 2D mode and it keep the heat down.

    3) I looked a projectors too, but never got one. Seems the resolution is too low still.

    4) When traveling I just stop trading now and take a break. Also I pretty much stop from June to Sept.

    Just a note: I use 2 20" with the laptop at home. So moving this around is not practical.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for your reply Luto.

    Regarding the stands - I was planning to remove them and put them in my check-in luggage, but yes they are a bit bulky - so a foldaway stand sounds a good idea.

    I looked at the VTbook - it looks a much better concept than the Matrox solution Nitro mentioned above. However, if I get the Dell notebook it allows you to plug in two external monitors so neither of these solutions are needed.

    For me I plan to spend a fair amount of time in different locations - so my travel is not frequent, hence a bit of heavy lifting is not a problem - its more the damage aspect and what the airlines let you get away with as carry on baggage that concerns me.

    2 20" with a laptop sounds a good at home set up.
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    I ended up using the Pelican Case. Largest that would still be a carry on. I think a 20" thin frame may fit. Like the NEC 2070NX. Alas the case is unused now.

    Sucker will be heavy for a carry on. Like 40#s. The Pelican case is cool but heavy. But if you need floatation in water it will work!

    Given all that, it might be best to get a non carry-on case and then check it. That way you can get it all on one and then not be lugging so much.

    BTW I use a wireless keyboard and mouse with my laptop. The programmable keys are great for macros. Also consider that many laptops run hot and a laptop cooler or cooler pad is a good idea.


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    I was looking that the new Dells with the WUXGA and the DVI and DB9 video connectors.

    I would make sure that it really RUNS both monitors and just does not have ports for two monitors.

    There has to be support in the video driver in windows to do that and that would be in the ATI driver

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    Hi, Yes I'll make sure I check that before I make a purchase. Others on the forum did say that they got 2 external monitors to work with the old dell 9300 inspirion - so that video card must have supported it.
  8. Have a look at the Shuttle 17 monitor. It has a glass face so you can't damage the screen if objects press against it.

  9. how were you able to connect two extra monitors to the e1705? dell initially told me that it was possible and that's why i ordered the inspiron e1705. when i received it, it was another story!

    when i called dell back, they told me that it never supported 2 extra monitors - only 1!

    i looked at the VTBook, but the manufacturer told me that it does not work with the inspiron e1705 because this laptop has the new express slots; not the pcmcia slot that the VTBook needs to work properly.

    i also looke at the matrox dualhead2go card that some of you mentioned, but matrox says that it is not compatible with the e1705.

    any ideas how i can connect two lcd's to my e1705?