laptop condoms

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  1. does anyone know of a laptop condom type cover so it can be used on the beach. That would be a great invention if it doesnt already exist.

  2. Yeah, no doubt there are millions of beachgoers wishing they could use their laptop to build a sand castle at the beach.
  3. only takes 20,000 units or so and you be a mailorder millionaire.
    this would be HOT on QVC.....
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    What idiot takes a laptop to the beach?

    Surf, think selling COTTON CANDY you idiot.
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    Icy cold BeEr would be a nice addition to any beach going person
    sell sell sell buy buy buy
    im afraid i would go broke with from quality control test's
  6. i thought this thread was about porn
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    in the realm of stupendous, I have heard of cars made of nerf material as a solution to car accidents. one of the potential problems with laptop condoms and nerf cars is heat. also, a clear plastic bag with a clamp would be formidable competition for the laptop condom and diminish profit margins.

    a solution might be a waterproof/sandproof laptop with an accompanying router that can pierce up to 150 meters of seawater. the router could sold as an option for high-end fish finders and depth locators through marine electronics dealers and scuba merchants.
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    whatta ya gonna do with the liability issue? little kids get electrocuted and stuff like that. I'm not trying to rain on the parade. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of your process.
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