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  1. I had put part of this post in the - is centrino laptops powerful enough, and thought I would post again. My questions regard laptop brands besides dell-hp-sony.

    I can take 15 emini russell trades a day with no fear - but this laptop selection is freaking me out. I have never had or used a laptop, and the only computers I have ever owned were dells; but all the recent discussion regarding their service degredation makes me very hesitant to buy a laptop from them (have been considering an 8600).

    When I was searching the web I happened on to the following website -, and am wanting to know any trader's opinions or experiences with sager and/or power pro laptops.

    Thanks (and this absolutely is not one of those bait posts - i know nothing about this company or these products).
  2. "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM..." I've been using a ThinkPad A31 for the last two years and it has performed flawlessly. 1400x1050 screen res, fantastic keyboard, etc.

    Laptops are fragile; best to go with a vendor known for reliability and service, nobody beats IBM in this regard.

    The IBM X40 is an outstanding Centrino machine.
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    It doesn't matter what you choose for trading. Computers are commodities these days, and the components are almost all the same in each.

    My favorite are the VAIOs. Their only flaw is that IMO the keyboards on them stink. But try it out, it may not bother you as much as it does me.

    If you are looking into a centrino based machine, then you are probably more worried about power consumption than speed and great looking monitors. That makes the choice, IMO, even more of a common denominator as all of the machines from all the major manufacturers perform very well.

  4. I would say that I am most interested in a desktop replacement where I have the ability to take the laptop into another trading office, or home with me where I have am converting my internet access to wireless; since I really don't travel, smallest and most mobile isn't an issue.

    This computer is predominantly going to be used to run tradestation 7.2, and update-publish a website. I currently trade with samsung 191T monitors (which would be used with the laptop at the office), I know that I have become quite sensitive to monitor and video quality. Ultimately, I just want the damn thing to work everyday, and do so in a similiar fashion to what I have become used to from the desktop, but with the additional flexibility I can add from also having a laptop.
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    Then I am not sure why you would choose a Centrino? Perhaps you think that in order to do wireless you need Centrino because of their build-in wireless adapaters? Remember, you can get a wireless PCMCIA card for any laptop for about $100.

    Here is the machine I would choose today:

    Just make sure you test the keyboard at a local CompUSA or MicroCenter, Frys, etc.

    There are even more expensive XBRITE VAIOs than this. But if this machine is too expensive, there are other VAIOs that do not have the latest Pentium 4 and all the fancy stuff this one has on it. The only thing I would not give up on is the 16.1 XBRITE screen.

  6. IBM thinkpads have always been my best laptops, (I've had 2 thinkpads, 3 inspirons, and a compaq) however they are always seemingly 3 months behind Dell and others with regard to chipsets or graphics cards.

    Right now for example, I don't think IBM sells a laptop on par with Dell's inspiron XPS or others with the 800 mhz bus.

    Have no idea why they lag so much in this area but it has always been the case.

  7. Thanks nitro, actually I wasn't thinking about getting a centrino, it was am ongoing laptop thread so I posted to it. Money really isn't a specific issue in the selection, the computers last long enough that I would much rather be satisfied then save a few bucks. If I really dislike the keyboard, do you have a non-vaio laptop that you could recommend.

    Thanks again
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    I personaly use Compaq Armada m700 when on the road, and I have one old one Armada 7400 doing my charting.

    Compaq /hp has two product lines, Presario and armada. I would not recomend presario series to anyone . It is for of a fancy kind . My armada m700 fell from the table wile it was on and running and It was fine. ( I though I would have to say good bye to it).

    The other brand I would suggest is the IBM.
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    To me, the rest all look about the same. There are pluses and minuses, and it depends on what "turns you on." Some people cannot stand a computer that does not have a "real" keyboard. IBM stands out in this case as they are meant for fast touch typists.

    I have "owned" about 20 laptops in my life. I like the DELLs, but I am hypersensitive to noise, and for some reason, the DELL HDs seem to be really noisy. But DELL is what I use today and the thing just keeps working.

    Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with a DELL, COMPAQ, IBM etc. They all are very good laptops.

    For me, the Sonys with XBRITE just obliterate other laptops when it comes to the screen.

  10. Steve I trade off a custom built computer and I love it :)

    Do not fear custom built as long as you choose the right company they are way better IMO than the big name manufacturers.

    The web site you linked to looks very good IMO and it is easy enough to check out there tech support number by randomly calling and seeing the response times BEFORE you buy from them.

    Make sure the graphics card you choose has dual monitor capabilities 4 sure as this is really the only thing that you may wish to upgrade to in the next 3-4 years.

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