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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alanack, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. alanack


    I want to see if I can tighten the hinges on my Thinkpad, and am wondering if anyone knows any tips for removing the plugs that conceal the screws that hold the bezel in place. I simply don't want any damage whatsoever to the plastic, so I don't want to try to pry them out, as is the usual suggested approach. Thanks.
  2. For specific information like that on a laptop, I recommend that you visit On the menu, click on Discussions and that will take you to their message boards. They have a board dedicated to "Lenovo/IBM" - lots of knowledgeable people there.

    Unless someone here has a thinkpad who knows how to take it apart safely....
  3. Rocky2


    have the pro do it
    that way is something goes wrong you'll be ok
  4. alanack


    Thanks, traderham, I'll post there.
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    fine bore tracter beam