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  1. My laptop is plugged in most of the time. I recently used it without the power chord and dicovered that the battery life has been cut in half. I had it for maybe 2 years, and it has a Li Ion battery.

    I was wondering if there is any way I can extend the battery life on my new laptop, or is battery life just a function of time. Should I be unplugging and draining the battery periodically?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. As with all batteries, it too has a useful life. Generally you'll probably get about two to three years out of them before you'll need to look for a replacement. It's not the law, but it is about the norm. :)
  3. Could also be an issue that the charging circuits on some laptops don't do as good a job as others. On some laptops, leaving your computer plugged in most of the time can actually permanently reduce the storage capacity of the battery.

    I saw that problem a couple of years ago with the batteries in IBM laptops no longer holding a full charge after a year or so if they were mostly used on AC while those that spent most of their time on battery during the day could still hold a full charge. Never saw a problem with the Toshibas though.
  4. I use an Acer book.

    If I want to use it plugged for the next 2 or 3 days the manual suggest to charge the battery full and remove it from the book.

    But as ArchAngel mentioned it depends on....... Ask your manual or call the service line.

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    That could be a matter of the electrical engineering going into the charging circuit. If somebody knows of brands that work well in that area it would be of value to a lot of us if you posted with same.