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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by listedguru, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Does anyone here trade on a laptop via a wireless router? I have my main set-up in the homeoffice in my basement but was wondering how a laptop would work on a wireless connection running Asset's Anvil for instance? Anyone have any experience with this?

  2. During lunch or if I'm just waiting to exit a position near the end of the day I'm usually in the living room or kitchen on my laptop.

    No problems at all. I have the network protected but don't have much to worry about anyway.

    I run Echotrader Pro (sterling) which I would imagine is similar to Anvil.
  3. Boib


    I run both a desktop and a laptop with a wireless route. I trade with IB. No problems.
  4. E R

    E R

    I trade with a laptop and wireless router, and have had no problems. My broker is IB.

    Make sure to properly secure your wireless router (WEP or WSA key, MAC identifier, etc.).

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    I use a Netgear wgt624 super g router. But I noticed that my wireless connection would drop every so often. So I didn't take any chances for my trading and used hard-wire ethernet connections. I never had a problem since.

    So all of those on a wireless connection that is working so flawlessly, what is the secret? What equipment are you using?