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  1. Please tell me how a laptop can run two screens with different information displayed. The staff at the shops near where I live are adamant that the nice laptops I am seeking to buy-e.g the Sony Viao, can still only run 1 screen extra to the laptop-but I'd prefer two for trading.

  2. USB monitor.

    Matrox Dualhead2Go
  3. Using the USB-to-VGA or USB-to-DVI gadgets is probably the most cost effective.
  4. If you buy a standard laptop sold at BBY or wherever, they are probably right - out of the box, w/ zero additions will run 1 monitor.

    But there are add-on's you can purchase to change that.
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    I've thought about adding two monitors to my laptop. I keep et open, a few other sites, email, etc., and would love to give that a try. I won't use my trading setup to open anything outside of what I need to trade. Guess I'm a little overly scared after shelling out about $4,000 for what you guys helped me with in the past. Yes, I saved about $3,000 going with yours and Scat's recommendations vs. falcon computers, and even enjoyed the process. (Of course, I hired a computer and gaming guru in my area to put it together though. Lol)

    How much $ are we talking about to take a laptop up to 2 external 22" monitors + keeping the laptop screen woring if I have the monitors?
  6. I run my dell latitude e6510 with two monitors. I connect one monitor via the display port (hdmi) and the other via the VGA port to have 2 extended monitors.
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    My laptop is set up with one monitor via VGA port. The other monitor via usb to IOGear DisplayLink USB->DVI; can't do 3d games on that monitor though.

    IOGear Displaylink found at Fry's, maybe BestBuy.
  8. Well you can tally them up LEAPup. Say...

    1. Laptop: $800 - $1200 depending on makes and models.
    2. The laptop can drive 1 external monitor with the built-in VGA port (or DisplayPort, or HDMI port).
    3. One USB-to-VGA (or USB-to-DVI) adapter. About $50 to $80 depending on makes and models. A few brands to choose from.
    4. Two LCD monitors. Maybe 22" or 23". These days about $200 each.
  9. thanks for the replies, I will look into it at the computer market when I have the chance
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    Buy a business class laptop.

    Most Lenovo Thinkpads with NVidia graphics and when docked to a MiniDock will support two DVI plus one DisplayPort for a total of four screens (when you include the laptop's display).
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