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  1. ANyone know if there is anyway to use multiple monitors with laptops? It's not like you can just open them up and pop in a plug and play video card. FWIW I have a docking station that has a port for a single monitor. When I dock my laptop, it would be great if I could have the flexibility of spreading my desktop acros 2 monitors like I do with my desktop.
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    If you have that ability, it will likely be a function of your docking station. Few of even the most recent laptops have milti-monitor capability. Sony has one you can see at Best Buy... 16" UXGA screen, about $2200, if I recall.

    After all, laptops are all about "mobility"... which usually doesn't include lugging a 2nd monitor around.
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    Hey guys, this is all good info to know. If you REALLY wanted multimonitor on a laptop, you should probably consider selling your old laptop and get a new Sony with multi-mon capability.... rather than messing around with all the add ons the the hit-or-miss business of drivers.... well, at least look into it.
  6. Most late-model laptops can run a second monitor under Win ME or XP.

    1. Just plug the second monitor into the VGA output on the back,
    2. Use the alternate function keys on the top row of your keyboard to run the second monitor simultaneously with the laptop monitor,
    3. Right-click on the desktop to bring up "Display Properties." Under one of the tabs will be a box to check to stretch the desktop across both monitors. There is also a diagram of the two monitors where you can drag them around to change their relationship to each other (monitor 2 is right, left, above or below the main monitor).

    That should do it. I first tried to do this under Win 2K, but the settings were not there. I switched to ME, and Bingo, no problem.

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  7. I have an Appian card that I initially picked up for test purposes. It has worked well and I have used it during several of my training presentations with both newer and older laptops. :)
  8. canyonman00,

    Do you find the "Hydravision" software that the appian has, superior software?

    Could you elaborate?

    Michael B.
  9. I see I am able to have a desktop monitor up along with my

    laptops monitor ... but they seem to mirror each other and I cannot open 2 diff windows on each one

    <run the second monitor simultaneously with the laptop monitor>
  10. windows me system restore ...

    for now I will stick with one monitor on laptop

    if I get a new desktop I will investigate the multiple monitor
    idea using 2 graphics cards or an appain
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