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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Lippy, Dec 21, 2007.

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    I'm looking for a carrying case that could fit my 17" laptop plus 2 19" monitors (if any such case exists), but i'm leaving the country for like 3 months and would like something i could carry my trade station with me easily and be able to take it carry-on on planes.
    If anyone knows of such a product please let me know.
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    buy 2 new 19" at wherever you are going.
    at $150@, it is a cheaper, and more convenient solution.
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    Depending on what part of the world you're heading into, you may be able to have someone custom design and fabricate a case for a song .... (for now, sandwich your monitors in your checked luggage).

  4. Get a small rolling suitcase that meets the regulations of most airplane companies. Get a laptop bag and fit your laptop in that and just put the monitors in the suitcase. You can get that soft wrap that people use to ship items to wrap your monitors in or even use the original material that comes in the boxes.
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    Pelican is the world standard in retail affordable cases. They can generally customize the interior to your requirements. I've been using them for years, towed them behind boats to check for water tightness, dropped them off balconies ( accidents), watched them being slung around by baggage handlers etc.

    Be very careful about airline standards for carry on size, I've seen them be real pricks.

    Best bet for customization is musician instrument case makers to airline standards, there is a designation, they will have the proper foam etc. Check around Guitar Center stores or similar in your area.
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    aren't you glad you ask? :D
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    sorry i didn't respond sooner, but thanks everyone for all the help. and Merry Christmas!
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    what qualities makes for a good laptop soft carrying bag.


    any suggestions would be appreciated.
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