Laptop 17" for trading

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  1. Hi,
    Anyone knows what'd be a good, durable brand of laptop - based on your own experience? How about Acer 18"/HP 8710w/HP Compaq 6830s/Asus M70? What's the most reliable brand out there?

    Cost is not that big of a deal, as long as it's not that bulky Dell XPS.

    My criteria:
    - Durable, not flimsy
    - Has to be at least 17"
    - Intel Core 2 Duo
    - 4 Gigs RAM
  2. Like HP.
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    Over the last 6 years I have had 3 Dells, 4 Toshibas and this Lenovo is better than all combined. Great machine.
  4. Been using a widescreen Acer with multiple monitors for 18 mths without any problems. 2Gb ram is more than enough.
  5. 1 yr ago I got a refurbed Gateway NX860XL, 17" with Vista Home Pro version.
    It's great. Not 1 glitch. 2.1 Ghz, 1Gig Hard Drive, HiDef screen,...
    $750 shipped, with 1 yr warranty.
    I'd buy from Gateway again.
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    All the new machines come with VISTA now... 2GB is tight.

    but then... most machines come with VISTA Home 32... I don't know, 2GB might be ok for the 32 bit version. I have the 64 bit version and it definitely runs over 2GB all the time.
  7. yeah 32 bit home premium, 3 x 22" monitors and dozens of charts from different providers/data feeds - still spare ram. Easy to upgrade ram if needed.
  8. ok thanks for the suggestion :) If anyone has more suggestion, please tell me.

    Been looking at that 18" Acer .. a bit heavy and bulky but I really like a large screen. I hear Acer's build quality is not that great, but I've never an Acer before.

    Lenovo, never had one. It does look sturdy though, but no 17" configuration in Canada. HP I'm looking at HP 6830s, quite sturdy and lighter than the rest of the 17", but the memory is only 3 Gigs not 4 Gigs and the resolution is not as high as the Acer one.

    Gateway ... not available in my city. Concerned about the after sales support.

    How about Asus? Are they any good?

    Still confused and shopping around. Will likely get one after Christmas.
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    ditto :)
  10. my vote goes to lenovo, this T500 is top notch stuff.
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