Lanny Davis "Now I know what it feels like to be a republican"

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  1. When asked about how biased the msm has been to Hillary's campaign that was his response.

    Obama has had a cake walk up until now in the press.

    The Democrats are in a lose lose situation.

    1. Obama is the nominee and probably can't win.
    2. Hillary is the nominee and the African American community riots.
    3. HIllary runs as an indy and Mccain wins.
  2. McCain vs Obama is Like Dole vs Clinton part II

    The republicans choose the wrong candidate for this election.
    Obama will Crush Mccain on national debates.

    And let's face it, Obama right now is the media "pretty boy", presenting him like the new JFK and all those crap.

  3. maxpi


    Obama will get lots of female votes, the internet conservatives can bypass the media and tell people that he really is the most leftist senator in the US and a Neo-Marxist with race resent problems and possibly unstable really, and get democrats to vote for McCain, who is left of democrat center on a few issues....... it could be interesting... currently the polls show that McCain is way ahead of Obama in electoral college votes with the spread shrinking.

    Americans seem to be fully aware of the talking head bias and we have Fox news also, I think it's over for Democrats for a long time personally, due to a lot of factors, the main one being that outside of class warfare they are largely hypocrites and irrelevant to the modern political discussion and class warfare typically is resulting in the lower class losing!! Americans are getting older and as they do they move to the right, thus the Social Security scare grenade that Obama is tossing in our laps, an attempt to capture some of those voters back. Is that same grenade going to work this time around? They used it in previous elections and GWB increased the medical money to seniors horrendously with his pharmacy thingy....