Landlord-tenant dispute, Criminal prevents destruction

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  1. holy batman !!

    this gentleman deserves breakfast with warren buffet
    the day the king of OMAHA has lunch
    with the chinese gent who won the auction to have lunch with him in nyc

  2. We need more thieves like this one that can do a good job while the cops eat their donuts.
  3. cmilian


    Could not find the news on the NT Times. Sounds like a fake.
  4. "investigators believe the homemade explosives found on a Brooklyn street in the Ford Econoline belonged to Yung Tang, 39, a Chinese national. He has been behind bars since he was caught Jan. 29 in Wallingford, Conn., with nearly identical bombs in his Mazda MPV minivan.",2933,376687,00.html
  5. The Murdoch propaganda machine running at full throttle.

    Let me guess tomorrows headline?

    Something to do with "war on terror" ( whatever that is) and Obama's "lack of experience".

    Neocons and their zionist rulers. So predictable.
  6. badass.
  7. 1) it wasn't a terror plot

    It was a landlord-tenant dispute.

    This is a totally irresponsible thread title.

    The last thing people should do is cry wolf over terrorism issues.

    Move this to chit-chat.
  8. Change the title.