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  1. In a previous post about spammers and trolls, a poster suggested that Landis82 be placed on everyone's ignore list. I then replied partly in jest as I knew it was simply unfair to lump everyone onto one list.

    Then I opened up a thread where I saw the following come from Landis82:

    "Your reading comprehension sucks."

    "Do you even READ the articles that you "cut and paste" . . . or are you simply more interested in the .50 cents per post that ET pays you in order to generate web-activity?"

    Then I clicked on his alias and found all these posts with similiar profane comments originating from his handle.

    How does elitetrader let these guys remain to spam and post profane remarks who dont really trade?

    As a member who adds serious content to this website, why should we put up with Landis82 who obviously papertrades at best?
  2. Try the ignore button, much easier than starting a whiney thread.
  3. Landis has been a professional trader since the early 80's.

    He worked for Tudor Jones.

    He's more knowledgeable than 95% of the people on ET.

    He loses his temper when confronted with stupidity.

    He's not always right but he's a MAJOR asset the the moronic shit that dominates ET.
  4. Port1385 is a STALKER.
  5. Agreed, Landis knows his shit.

  6. I know I know. Everyone is a star trader on ET. Everyone makes money on ET. Everyone on ET has worked for Tudor Jones at one time....especially a guy who goes by the handle of Landis82. You dont have to tell me, I know.
  7. Landis is a very knowledgable trader. He's rather ill-mannered but he knows far more than you'll ever learn.
  8. Everyone is knowledgable over the internet...

    but hey, even if I met Landis in real life I still wouldnt believe, nor care, about his background. The only way Im going to know if you are for real is if you show me your tax returns. Even then, it could be faked and, even then, I wouldnt really care. Even if Landis was George Bush, it wouldnt change my situation in life.

    The guys who attempt to gain credibility on this website usually have some other motive that involves taking someone else's money.

    In any event, I dont know, I dont care, I regard this website as pure comedy. This website has not helped my trades.

  9. Say's the 5000 post loser :p
  10. Perhaps not, but you've sure used the site to quit trading enough!
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