Land of the Free?

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  1. Humpy


    Could be a developer wants his land and is making legal trouble for this old guy.
    In the movies he would win out, but in real life I have me doubts. Capitalism is a cruel SOB
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    Live Free or Die!
  3. There is no such thing as property ownership. Today, the state is the equivalent of the feudal landlord. If you do not consume enough services and create a large enough tax payment, your property is subject to seizure.

    Think about it, property tax is a RENT payment. If another tenant promises to create larger rents for the state, your property rights are subject to termination.

    We had just such a situation in NH years back, look up Carl Drega.
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    nanny state. big brother. the US has only itself to blame for voting for its government, both state and federal. even a lefty like ted turner understands the situation. he owns more than half of Patagonia on the Chilean side of the border.
  5. Strange story for sure. Wish we had more details. If he does own the land, though, he should be able to do whatever the fuck he wants as long as he isn't bothering anyone else.
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    How I would hate to be poor in the USA. Or just about most places I guess. If you fall down ill in the street, the ambulance guy is fumbling for your wallet or asking for your credit card before helping.

    If the old guy isn't able afford expensive lawyers he might as well give in. The laws are slanted in favour of the rich. Justice is just another commodity to be bought and sold.
  7. False on both counts humpty. Emergency care is provided to those who cannot pay, and public defense attorneys are often (perhaps even usually) better than the ones people hire privately.
  8. or... simply the home of the brave...?
  9. Brave to die foolishly for the goals of the money power elite?
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