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  1. 1. Any Nebraska farmer that has dairy cows has drank/cooked with unpasteurized milk. I've never read/heard of any incidents of illness yet alone death. In fact, before Louis Pasteur, ALL milk For centuries.

    2. What exactly is a manure spreader used for?

    3. I'd rather eat an organic apple that one with traces of pesticide on it.

    4. I'm not a gardener but I do grow tomatoes. They're watered with aquarium water (laden with nitrates). I can assure you my plants love it. Ditto for house plants.
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    corporate socialism will continue unless most citizens will be pissed off and rebel against them. so far, they don't.
    americans are happy to eat junk food and pay big $$$ to corps and gov.
    also, they love to fund big pharma and the expense of their own health and spend trillions on wars were other nations are killed. truly, remarkable achievements.
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    Organic is just part of the equation. It's only about the pesticide residues afaik. Locally grown and taken straight to the market is good, it means it's picked when it's ripe typically and that might add to the nutrition value of a food. Food that is grown in soil with all the proper minerals is a big plus but what is stunning is to eat legacy plants. That has to be experienced to be appreciated...

    The most nutrition packed food is seeds. Seeds have to have enough nutrition in them to survive on their own and then flourish when they get water. Coconuts are seeds, Chia Seeds are renowned for what they can do for people... It's easy to eat all this "99 cents off" stuff and supplement with coconut and chia seeds, that alone might make the difference. Beyond that one can find out what supplements/herbs they like if they research and read up... it's a matter of one doing one's own due diligence... so many of these really obese people are just really lazy in that regard...
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  4. There's not much "might" about it. Nutritional content of produce has been tracked for decades - typical supermarket produce today has 25% less nutrients than "off the vine" of today or the produce from 50 years ago.
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    In a free country, whether the sale is by a business open to the public, or members only, the proper role of government is information, not confiscation and arrest. The way to handle this is to require that informative signs be prominently posted warning customers that unpasteurized products are being sold and outlining the risks. Then let the public decide what risks they want to take. Sale of products known to represent very high risk (define it how you will, but be consistent) or known to be contaminated with dangerous organisms is the only sale that should be prevented.. Even then, no arrests are necessary, and there must be a reasonable appeal process. Only if such orders are disobeyed should arrest follow.

    The same model used for sale and use of plastic bags, i.e., warning the public of risks, should be adopted here.

    Risk and freedom, like risk and reward are linked. The U.S. is resembling the old Soviet Union more and more as each year goes by.:mad:

    My God, we allow vendors to sell Little Debbies and dirnks with a second ingredient right after water being sugar to grade schoolers but arrest folks who start a club so then can eat more nutritious food by assuming a small risk. We have truly lost our collective minds!
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  6. They brought out the guns over a few goats?

    The government is overstepping their bounds!
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    You are eating Poo:

    Organic Food Has 'Significantly Higher' Contamination

    Marc Morano,
    Monday, June 14, 2004

    A new study on food safety reveals that organic produce may contain a significantly higher risk of fecal contamination than conventionally grown produce.

    A recent comparative analysis of organic produce versus conventional produce from the University of Minnesota shows that the organically grown produce had 9.7 percent positive samples for the presence of generic E. coli bacteria versus only 1.6 percent for conventional produce on farms in Minnesota.

    The study, which was published in May in the Journal of Food Protection, concluded, "the observation that the prevalence of E. coli was significantly higher in organic produce supports the idea that organic produce is more susceptible to fecal contamination."

    In addition, the study found the food-borne disease pathogen salmonella only on the samples of organic produce. There was no evidence found of the deadly strain of bacteria, E. coli, in either type of produce tested. The study looked at "preharvest" fruits and vegetables, not in retail stores.

    The principle investigator of the University of Minnesota study, Francisco Diez-Gonzalez, told that "organic agriculture was more susceptible to carry fecal indicators."

    "In many ways it is confirming what is believed, indeed, if you are using animal manure for fertilizer, the chances that you are going to get fecal bacteria on the product are greater," Diez-Gonzalez said.

    The higher incidences of fecal contamination in organic foods were linked to heavy reliance on composted animal manure for fertilizer. Though conventionally grown produce may use some manure, it chiefly relies on chemical fertilizers. Past research has shown that animal manure is the principal source of pathogens such as salmonella, campylobacter and E. coli.
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  8. Bone:

    can you post some believable article or scientific research that sets forth how many persons alleg4edly contracted E Coli from organic food. Opinions like the above article you post, are like arseholes. Post something that actually proves persons are getting sick etc. from organic food. There must be some data to back up the B.S. about organic foods having more risks than the crap that goes into most non-organic foods.

    P.S. last time I looked at a calendar, 2004 was 7 years ago. Can't you find anything more authoritative from 2010 - 2011??!
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  9. b.t.w I eat 85% organic food.

    So far I feel better than ever. Maybe it's coincidence.
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    iceman, I'm just giving you some shit.
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