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  1. WTF!!! Things are getting rediculous and make the states and localities look deperate. I don't expect a turn around anytime soon nor a major shift in the current economic social condition here in the states. It is just a sign of stagflation. These effects will last a very, very , very long time. Buy the time 2012 election comes around the "ship" set on it course. I was also judt reading how China is directing US economic policy and expect this to continue. Welcome to Neo Fuedalism.

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  2. The owner should consider getting the mob for protection. Then when the police show up the mob will just takes the cops names as they enter the building and we'll see how they sleep at night. I notice the girl of some cop in texas was found dead in a microwave.
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  3. Not a bad idea. Just think of all the potential liberal democrat homosexuals removed from the gene pool! :D
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  4. "there are no legal lemonade stands (across the country) where kids can sell lemonade."

    Yet another example of a corporate giveaway like the corporate jet deduction. Most of these kids pay no tax at all!
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    The food supply in the US sucks... Pasteurization is mandated so what do farmers do? They can get by with really sick cows and really polluted milk, they just pasteurize it and voila, it's all good... not a lot of nutrition in it but hey, put up a big sign saying 99 cents off, it will fly off the shelves...

    I trust Organic Pastures for whole dairy products... they are mature enough as a business to have acquired some test equipment to check for diseases and the stuff tastes wonderful... if I get Undulent Fever I'll head to a doctor and get it cured, they have a cure for it nowadays, they didn't when the pasteurization was mandated.. and there is test equipment for detecting it nowadays too... but never mind that, the Left has gotta go after the supplement and raw food industries with a vengeance... those free thinkers stand between the Left and complete control of the medical system, can't have those free people thinking for themselves...
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  6. Wrong...

    I have eaten Organic Natural Food for just about 40 years... Haven gulped over 500 gallons of Certified Raw Milk...

    I Love Raw Milk Cheese... best tasting by far... and Organic Vegetables are far better in flavor and nutrition than crap regulars poped out of factory farms...

    I have the reflexes of a 30 yr old... 110 over 80 Blood Pressure... Low Number of Heart Beat every minute... I Wear No Glasses... I can read size 6 font... I Can Work All Day... Feel Great... Ridiculous excellent memory...

    Tragically, I have buried a lot of friends and relatives who laughed at my Fresh Raw Certified Clean Organic Diet... and they ate the typical crap American diet...

    You might want to reconsider your thinking... :eek:

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  7. It's ok. NANNY STATE is on and they will be coming for all of us, us who do not agree with their political, economic, or social ideas.

    However, hopefully most of you are ready if and when this happens.

    My Fellow Jews in Germany never thought that "THE GOV" could be so cruel. They just went along with the idea and said don't worry be happy in their "GHETTOS". The smart ones packed up and left.

    Ask the American Japanese what we did to them. Rounded them up and destroyed businesses, et all to put them in camps.

    BUT OH NO! It will never happen to us. There isn't any way Americans who believe in Capitalism, Freedom and the Constitution could be rounded up at night and sent to "Political Camps." It could never happen and any one who thinks that is one of them there nut jobs of the TeaParty.

    Ummm, TEA PARTY as the organization started by RICK on the Bonds floor....the idea of a Second Tea Party and folks taking that idea and.....creating a powerful political force? The same TEA PARTY THAT IS ON THE HOME LAND DEFENSE'S "DOMESTIC TERRORIST" watch list?

    But no, they will never come for you..

    I know they wont come to TEXAS. Try that shit with our "Natural Food Farms, or organic farms and ranches.
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  8. Don't worry. Soon the fish and game dept will succumb to budget cuts and Detroit is literally crumbling down and being dragged to hell.
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    I was buying alot of organic lately. A little more money but I thought I was getting something for that money. I was.

    Bacteria, germs and...shit.

    Now that I see that organic is a liberal thing I won't buy another organic product again, ever.

    Great thread lol.
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    Good ole' ammonia-hydroxide-stuffed, dyed, artificially-flavored <a href="">mechanically separated chicken</a> and other industrial fast food wonders will be waiting for ya. Mmmmm.

    The industrial American diet seems to be knocking off our friends in the South at a higher rate than the rest of us though. The good thing is that the money saved by buying zombie food can subsidize earlier trips to the ER.
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