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    Did you know that more people were killed by eating organic food last month alone than the total killed by civilian nuclear accidents since 1945 ? ( the German and European deaths in July over eating organic food )

    Hint: It is organic because they use raw unprocessed shit for fertilizer. And all kinds of germs and viruses live in it.
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    Just because you say it, don't make it so. Even if true, doesn't mean this company is responsible. This case is about violations of the 4th amendment, not the dangers of organic food. Go hijack another thread.
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    Bullshit on you. Literally. Organic foods are incredibly dangerous to eat. It is a food safety issue.
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    Welcome to my ignore list hijacker. I suggest you spend some time reading the 4th Amendment. It's one of the more important ones.
  5. I'd read an article yesterday, there are no legal lemonade stands (across the country) where kids can sell lemonade. A young girl rescued a baby wood pecker from a cat, she got a ticket from the fish and game dept for $538. It took one year for a food cart vendor to get a permit to sell food in Detroit. Food carts are against the law in Detroit.
  6. The sign on the door in the pic says they're being raided by the LAPD and county health department. The writer of the article says the feds are involved but doesn't mention which agency.

    In any case, the LAPD is famous for its heavy handedness. It wouldn't be shocking to see them raid a preschool with their armoured tanks and assault weapons to deal with unruly kids.
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    That's not very appetizing.
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    lol! :)
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    And I'm sure the number of car deaths last month are an order of magnitude above both. Well hot damn!

    You seem like a solid, sane person who really knows his shit (no pun intended). This is the first time I think I've seen you grazing in the fields of nutcase rhetoric. ET's getting to you.
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