Land of the Free, Home of the Brave and the FCC

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    First of all, I want to make clear that the US holds a dear place in my heart. I've lived in several US cities, and intend to move back next year. Hopefully I will be able to get a proper visa, and not have to exit the country every 90 days. Why doesn't your bankrupt government want my tax dollars?

    OK, now that my allegiance is established, I want to share my grief.

    I believe in personal responsibility and freedom. I guess one could classify me as a libertarian, but I'm not really fond of labels. I hate people telling what I can or cannot do, and I like to think that I can take care of myself.

    Why does the FCC censor artistic expressions (yes, considering the state of TV today, I am using that term extremely loosely)? Why do I have be protected against "bad" words?

    I can buy guns at the supermarket, but I can't hear an uncensored joke at 1130 PM?

    It seems the bastards even dub instead of simply bleeping/muting?

    Doesn't all of this go against the First Amendment?

    I must admit that this gave me a little hope, but it seems to have resulted in nothing:

    I rarely swear myself, but I find it highly offensive that someone has the right to alter the content of a program.

    Why isn't this pissing off a nation of freedom-lovers? I don't get it?
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    Really? Which ones?
  3. Lornz


    Wal-Mart? Meijers?

    It was a rhetorical device used for a making a point, but I've stumbled across some guns at some supermarkets. Maybe the correct term, in "American", is superstore?

    My point was merely that I was flipping through the channels, and I watched a few minutes of a late show at around midnight. Even at that hour, I still got that annoying bleep because a guest's story had a cuss word in the punchline?

    That, too me, is the definition of a nanny state?

    It's not like I'm advocating Barney & Friends going explicit...
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    Supermarket is generally where you get groceries.
  5. Lornz


    Yes, it occurred to me that the American definition is different. I guess I should have said hypermarket or superstore.

    I apologize for the incorrectness.

    This is thread is not an attempt to troll or argue just for the sake of it. I simply don't understand why people are accepting the government's role in this.
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    Get yourself a text book on American History, all of it, including religious history. Then maybe you will understand.
  7. Excellent English, where are you from? You may want to read this:

    That's why cable TV was developed, sort of. I, too, hate censorship, but not as much as I dislike those who use childish language on web blogs and forums.
  8. If that's true then you have been duped by propaganda and will be an enemy of the state if you come back.
  9. Because it is one aspect which parents cannot withdraw their children from being exposed to with foreknowledge.

    "The courts have held that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment and cannot be banned entirely. It may, however, be restricted in order to avoid its broadcast during times of the day when there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience."
  10. Many conservatives over the years have lobbied against artistic freedom, even to the point of shutting down art galleries. Banning books based on content. Changing textbooks from reality to fantasy. Hard to imagine, right? This has given government more power, like the FCC to ban commentators and speech. It's funny that those who profess they want less government intervention, support such things.
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