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  1. Resting heart rate: 32-34
    VO2ml/kg: 83.8
    Max power at VO2: 600 watts
    Max heart rate: 201
    Lactate Threshold HR: 178
    Time Trial HR: 188-192
    Pedal rpm's during TT: 95-100
    Climbing rpm's: 80-85, sometimes faster when attacking
    Average HR during endurance rides (4-6 hrs): 124-128
    Average watts during endurance rides: 245-280 watts
  2. WOW those are sum good numbers!! :eek: :eek:

    my resting heart rate is 54-58.

    no idea what my V02 is..
  3. His fitness is incredible -- that VO2 is sick. I believe at one point he had the highest measured VO2 in cycling.

  4. Riskarb, Lance is my favorite individual sport athlete.
    He and Michael Schumacher are simply in another world when it comes to the ability to focus and block everything else out!

    If you are heading out to Incline Village later this month, let me know if you will be swinging thru the Bay Area on your trip. Perhaps we can meet-up for a beer.

  5. Schumacher... I'm not his biggest fan, heard he's a whiner and Ferrari played some political BS with the team, forcing a teammate to lose a race(he was leading) so that MS could get a points lead. I do respect his skill, tho.

    Sounds like a plan. Unsure if we'll get to the Bay or not, have some friends to visit in Menlo, but their plans are up in the air.