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  1. I am not intending to attack, and apologize. The point being I have reached a zero tolerance for excuses for these guys, and women. Hey, say I am doing this as a result of drugs, but don't deny it. And on top of it all trash any number of people along the way. THe guy is another useless POS like most athletes and Hollywood crap bags, or for that matter CEOs.
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  2. Blood doping is NOT taking drugs. The team physican removes some blood well before the competition and stores it. And then on extra strenuous days, like on mountain stages, they inject it back into you, giving the cyclist, in effect, "extra" blood, and therefore more oxygen carrying capacity. The effect on ones body is unknown to me, although I would imagine it would tax the organs.

    Steroids are another thing, and what he admittedly took (I believe) during his recovery from cancer. Maybe he's admitted to steroid use also during the Tour.
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  3. Granted, a bit off topic to the Armstrong story, but what you mention is covered pretty well in the ESPN documentary "9.79" about the Ben Johnson doping scandal at the 88 Olympics. Basically, it's become commonly accepted that many of the great track stars of that era were also doping, particularly funny when they make mention of how many of them required adult dental braces.
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  4. I don't know all the details of what he took or didn't take, but my best guess is that Armstrong will admit to what has already been leaked publicly (and can be easily corroborated by the eyewitnesses and fellow cyclists who are willing to talk). The other "best guess 75%" of dirt that has been speculated about will never be admitted to...

    In many ways, I can see where he is coming from. He's seen how bad things can eventually get if/when you let the press and the fellow cyclicts (many of whom want to bury the guy) run wild and let the stories grow. He wants to admit to a portion of it and try and head off the remainder of the bad p.r.
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  5. Isn't an 18 year old in college sports and adult? Why are they guilty of a crime or cheating for doing steroids to grab the money, like Lance? Oh wait because they are in college? Are you kidding? They simply want to be the best, and why shouldn't they or the staff intimidate those that threaten to expose them? Why would it be worng. Lance did it, MaGuire did it, Bonds did it, Matusek did it. Oh yea because others do it it is morally ok. That must be why murder is ok in Chicago, because everyone is doing it.
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  6. Could you perhaps take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and make a coherent response...that is actually directed towards someone?
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  7. #LiveWrong #LieStrong
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  8. good one gwb-trading

    the ethics/morality of performance doping is a bit mute
    if the dope isn't discovered, or not on the banned list, is the doper doing wrong ?

    Armstrong's going to be paying out a Lot of money, the Times of London have already
    said they should be able to recover the $1.6M libel case award he won
    besides any sponsors who will go after him, those he caused injury with his denials
    will now have a case against him for damages, but

    Armstrong was exciting to watch. Le Tour lasting as long as it does is The single
    premier sporting event in the world. each year about a third of riders withdraw due
    to injuries, and dope or not, Armstrong could at any time have wiped out or been
    wiped out. I recall 2 memorable instances, one he went down on a mountain climb
    and one at max speed he was able to ride around during a mountain descent, and
    those besides all the other times he came off or was knocked off his bike
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