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    So it looks like Lance Armstrong is coming clean with Oprah.

    My question for those familiar with the sport of cycling, were there any top cyclists during Armstrong's reign that were not doping?

  2. They were all doping so the best man still came out ahead imo.Doping didn't give Armstrong an advantage it just leveled the playing field for him
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    That was my guess. The fact that he so vehemently denied the doping charges all of these years does make him look like a douche.
  4. What does he hope to gain from this?

    Is he so desperate for attention he can't see the best course is to disappear for a few years?
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    Yes it does.
  6. The number of people he f***ed hard in the ass to cover his crap is more the issue. Yea, no kidding cycling is one of the last bastions of drug sports, but this clown ass destroyed any number of people and the complicent press to sell the cancer hero story, and went along with it and sold the "Lance" story. I hope they all sue his ass and he looses, and is found living under a bridge sucking off fellow hobos in a year.
    He is everything I tell my kids is wrong. Drug addict, liar, loser. What I want to know is when the crap bag press is going to take some responisibility for promoting his garbage when the whole sport is fake, as fake as pro wrestling.
    Please don't step up and defend this ass clown, unless you can defend the lady who shaved her kid's head to pretend she had cancer and collect money for treatments, oh yea, no for her Lexus, just like Lance.
  7. I believe in cycling EVERYONE takes stuff. It just levels the playing field really.

    I read an article in an ethics class discussing doping for the olympics. It was talking about the 80's or 90's I believe and basically they said almost everybody was on something that was tested. But nobody really got busted for it unless they were taking more than everybody else or won by a lot.
  8. Geez, ok, so do what you want as long as you can find enough other people are doing it is ok. I think you may have missed something in our ethics class.
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  10. Haha whoah man don't take offense! I was just saying what we discussed, not what was right or wrong. I personally don't care one way or the other. It is their body, they can do what they want and if they get caught just accept the consequences.
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