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    Does anybody familiar with LAMP? Please share your views, experiences.


    "...Improve the efficiency of your operations and focus your resources on your core business – trading.

    Most CTAs face very real logistical challenges in regards to backoffice administration. The size of their firms does not always allow them to hire their own backoffice accounting personnel. When it does, the operation can lack scalability. Often, this means the firm’s principals are left administering the backoffice accounting, risk management and reporting services when they would be better served focusing on research and trading.

    Fortunately, LAMP Technologies’ Web-based CTA outsourcing services alleviate these pressures. LAMP’s staff of highly trained professionals provide CTAs with backoffice accounting services including trade reconciliation, position and cash balancing, open position tracking and risk management.

    Powered by LAMP’s own comprehensive, integrated software and guided by expertise in alternative investments, LAMP CTA outsourcing services include:

    * Secured Web-based reporting
    * Risk management including VaR
    * Third-party transparency
    * Daily NAV – preliminary and final
    * Multi-broker/Multi-currency
    * Customized reporting
    * Broker reconciliation (trades/opens/cash)
    * Complex fee calculations
    * Audit support
    * Total confidentiality
    * Complete system and data security