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  1. i have never driven a lamborghini.
    The exterior looks cool but when the interior not really.
    How is the driving experience/quality besides the speed/coolness

  2. one and find out
  3. nursebee


    Test drive a Tesla and you will never buy a ICE vehicle again.
  4. Cmoss


    I did the "Pay $99 take a lambo out for 3 laps" deal from imagine lifestyles.

    Driving a Lambo is incredible! Being glued to the back of your seat taking corners has to be the best part
  5. TD80


    Very different experiences depending on what year/model you are looking for?

    No (I can't speak for the Miura, would love to drive one if someone has one in so-cal they'd like me to "evaluate") modern Lambo would really qualify as a "driver's car" in the contemporary use of the word. The closest would be a LP550-2 but the brake feel/response is an issue (although this could likely be addressed aftermarket).

    If you are less concerned with driving dynamics and more concerned with running a car that will be an "event" every time you take it out, any 97.5 or newer V12 lambo should suffice if you can afford running costs...

    One's eyes should be WIDE open before getting into an Italian exotic pre- F430 or pre-Gallardo (and I exclude e-gear as it is crap on most of the Gallardo model years).