Lakers gettiin' spanked

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Wayne Gibbous, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Far from over, but damn, what an ugly game. Lakes can't make a freakin bucket.

    They kicked azz last game... :(
  2. It ain't just Kobe, but he sure seems to be forcing shot after shot...
  3. Back in it!

    They were down 13 and couldn't hit shiite...

    Go Lakers! You don't want to disappoint Jack!
  4. Lakers!

    Pretty good game at the end. Celts just collapsed and let the Lakers back in.

    Sheesh. When does football start?
  5. Really miss the good old days of basketball where you had to be able to shoot the ball to play...
  6. Refing was the most abysmal display in the history of basketball.
    Ray Allen could have been called every time Kobe tried to make a move and the way he threw defenders to get free was ridiculous. I'm not talking about "physical" defense or "let em play" either.
    Celtics were bodying the ball to where it was demolision derby out there. And Pierce's antics finally caught up with him, all the hooking and flopping pretty much had him play a big part in losing the game in the 4th quarter when fouls finally began to get called. Even tho my team won, I'm disilliusioned about the game itself in the manner a previous poster explained. It isn't football.
  7. The announcers kept saying it was the "physical" defense that was causing all of the misses. I don't buy that. There were an insane number of open shots and not strongly defended shots missed. In fact, the scoring did not pick up until the refs called the 4th quarter tighter than they did the rest of the game. That allowed both teams to score points from the line and make the final score a little more respectable than the 75 to 72 or so final score the game was headed to.
  8. The reason for that is all the wacking that went on got into players heads and thru them off their game. You must have seen the hook Pierce engaged in with Artest. That was all of Pierce's initiating, Allen commited the same tactic. Celtics have all sorts of talent and the best shooters but it was their cheap style of play that finally did them in. Doesn't put any money in my account and I just missed the run up in LVS after catching the bottom of it every day all week ...damn. This thing is going to 30 ...soon.
  9. Only took me a day to get over it. They get the check not me.
    I've got my own account to deal with and it has nothing to do with Kobe's.