Lake Tahoe/Reno Traders here?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Dr. Zhivodka, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. I'm buying a place in Incline Village this month.

    Let's get an active trading community together in Northern Nevada.

    I mean really, how can you go wrong there, no state taxes, great weather, snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, MTB'ing, fly fishing, etc...etc...

    Dr. Zhivodka
  2. gordo


    dr. zvodka:

    I used to live in Reno, nice place, haven't been there in awhile. Curious to see how it has changed. Forgot, how far is Incline Village from Reno - closer to the valley (Reno) or over the top of Mt. Rose and closer to the lake? A little off topic but, what kind of place are you looking at, condo, house? If your new place needs any kind of landscaping (deck, etc.) I may be able to recommend a company that I worked for a number of years ago. Seemed like alot of folks liked to upgrade their yards and add outdoor hot tubs and things. Enjoy the weather and the scenary.


  3. Hi Gordo,

    Reno is just down the hill (Mt Rose) from Incline, 20 min. max

    I have three homes in mind right now. I'll settle on one this weekend when I'm there next. I'll keep you in mind.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  4. If I lived in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area I would definitely attend Ed Seykota's Trading Tribe meetings.
  5. Is Bright the only firm with a presence in Reno?
  6. Anyone got details on Reno Trading Scene other that the tiny amount of info posted thusfar? Good friend of mine just moved out there and is trading remote wondering if he should throw down for an office and try and get a few guys out there to share a T-1, and some other stuff. Said office space was next to nothing though, so I would think there has to be some traders out there already for him to hook up with or share existing office/expenses with.

    Who do you guys in Reno Trade with? Everyone remote? With Bright? What is the deal with all of the killer locations not having much of a trading scene besides the obvious (NY, SD, Miami, etc.).

  7. i lived in Reno for two years one summer... just gotta say great place!
  8. I'm in Mammoth, a couple hours away. Not really relevant I guess, but I am still kind of close. I'd love to trade in an office here in Mammoth, anybody else here?