Lake Street trading? CTG

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by wardog1, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Anyone familiar??? I don't want to send my life savings to someone not legit! Any input on either of these names would be very helpful.
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    I've also been checking out numerous firms, Lake Street being one of them just to see what they had to offer. I have a standard set of questions and am pretty specific about what I'm looking for. So far, GMT looks pretty good - they were quick on their responses and upfront about numbers. A little low on the payout side but if I eventually decide to join them I'm fully willing to earn better ratio. They have the no training required, $0.40 RT on 1000 shares commission structure, 70-75% payout etc... Lake Street has not responded to me as of yet, but if they do I will let you know what they have to say. Tough decision though, I don't want to throw my hard earned dough away either.

    If anyone has info, would love to hear as I won't be making a decision for at least a few months.

    Safe guess that Lake Street is a spin-off (Chicago arm) of Broad Street? If I'm wrong please feel free to correct.
  3. jo0477 do you know anything about penny trading with Lake St Trading?
    i went to their site and they mention that they trader can trade penny stocks, but this doesnt right
    please if you know about this let us know
  4. I've traded with CTG in the past. likely the best all-around prop firm out there. their customer service is on point and even the place i'm at now (WTS) has horrible cs compared to CTG
  5. theyre separate entities. I would go with Lake Street because they're a bit more responsive.
  6. you guys are a riot.. why not just ask them? dont be scerrd
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    When I received their basic info, they indicated that pennies, otc, and pink sheets were available. However, I never got into specifics regarding what the requirements were to attain access to those markets. For the record, I'm not with them or any prop firm - just a boring old analyst :D
  8. ok cool