Lake Mary, Sanford, Winter Park, Fl

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  1. All right, guys - let's do this. Sorry I couldn't organize something before but I've had to travel. If you trade currencies, stocks, options - let's look to get together around the middle of next week. Please PM or respond in this thread as usual.
  2. What location do you have in mind ? I am in Debary.
  3. Just bumping this...
  4. Anyone else who's up for it the day after Thanksgiving... Friday, Nov 23rd at Lake Mary Friday's 6:30. We'll discuss ForEx, Futures, Stocks, Options, etc... Please PM or respond in thread.
  5. One last bump... trying to generate at least a quorum.
  6. Hi!!! i am a day trader from Barcelona , Spain, and i am coming to orlando and miami in January to see my brother that lives in Sanford, it would be great to make a meeting!!!!
  7. im in orlando but i don't trade ,,,,can i just show up and get drunk?...especially if the chick from Barcelona is going to be there!!:D :D
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  8. Did you traders meet Dec 1st??