Lake Mary, Sanford, Heathrow, Fl

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  1. Anyone out there in the North of Orlando area? In the early part of next year, I may be looking to start a trading office - preferably around Heathrow (i.e. International Parkway), if anyone is interested in starting a small trading office or just getting together to exchange trading ideas - please PM me.
  2. I'm just bumping this to see if anyone in the area wants to respond.
  3. I don't what exactly do you have in mind but if you know how to trade profitably it would be a good idea to start live trading room.I would be interested in that .
    I am not sure about Heathrow area, Lake Mary or Sanford would have a better rental space selection IMO.
  4. Hombre,

    I didn't understand what you were saying in your e-mail. So, just to clarify, I've always wanted to start a trading office in the area - maybe getting 3 or 4 traders together - share ideas - and see how it goes. We could split expenses, etc... In the meantime, some of us in the Orlando area are getting together to discuss trading and socialize. If you're ever interested, just PM me.
  5. Oh,
    I thought that you want to open trading room and get people to come and daytrade ( emini's or stocks ) under guidance of a moderator( coach ) I would be interested in that. As a moderator or a coach.
  6. If others are interested, we were looking to get together again soon. Let me know.
  7. im in lake mary area ( longwood)
    pm me if you would like some info
  8. I already have a huge office in the heart of Downtown, and am looking to start a trading room with Desk Space .