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    I am out of work Financial Analyst who seek information on how to start trading either proprietary or otherwise.

    I am currently looking for companies in the chicago land area who are willing to sponsor for licenses and train you to trade.

    I have been investing in the market for over 5 years and have made considerable gains, finding that more times than not I would be checking my ticker at work rather than reviewing department budgets...

    I seek all and any information that would allow me to break into trading. All I need is a nice little shove in the right direction...

    Thank you for your time.


  2. Eugene



    How did you become a financial analysis without being required to be licensed?

    Just curious
  3. iiphos


    do you want to trade because you got laid-off or have you always wanted to trade and now because you got laid-off it's time to pursue this business?
  4. iiphos


    tausigs probably worked in a corporation's finance department as a financial analyst working on budgeting, revenue/expense variance analysis, etc. no license needed for that.
  5. Baron

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    Another pro trading firm in Chicago is Van Buren Securities . Bright Trading has an office there as well.

    From the retail side, check out Terra Nova Online, as they are based out of Chicago too.

    All of the firms mentioned above are sponsors of this site.
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    You have no idea how lucky you are asking this quest. on the day Don is absent having surgery. Hope he gets a laugh out of this.
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  8. Let's post some more.
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    Why? The thread died in '02 -- hint.
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