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  1. Question, i just got a brand new trading computer equipped with 3 24 inch monitors. Love the system. However when i run my platform i notice every half our or so the platform lags, as in stops working for about a minute. This is while running on all 3 screens by the way. After about a minute the data on the charts and dom speed up to catch up to real time. Its really strange. What can be causing this? Power supply? Ram? something else? Computer is an i5 lenovo with asus hd 6670 graphics card. Thanks!!!
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    Does the whole computer become unresponsive? If so may be hard drive or CPU maxing out. What trading platform?
  3. Could be your data-feed and has nothing to do with Hardware.
    What trading platform are you using?
  4. What is the brand & model of the computer? What operating system (home vs. professional, etc.)?

    Do you have any extra junk installed like the software that often comes as an extra with a new PC? How about extra junk like screen saver applications or atomic clock or clock sync applications, etc. Do you have antivirus installed, if so which one?

    How are your power settings configured? Are your screens configured to turn off at times?

    Is this lag during any specific times (like around high market activity or news events) or is the lag just after a period of inactivity? Does anything on your computer have timeout or session length settings?
  5. I using the Global Zen Trader platform. My cpu was maxing out. I just turned my power control switch from auto to turbo, the manual says this allows the cpu to run at full speed. So its not my graphics card or power supply correct?
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    Open task manager and see what process is maxing out the CPU
  7. My computer is a Lenovo K430 Intel Core i5-2320 12GB 2 TB HDD Win7 64 bit Home Premium. Running Norton Anti Virus software. no special screen saver or back ground just pictures. The platform is using most of the cpu, however since i turned it to turbo mode its data quotes only got stuck once. maybe that was the issue not entirely sure yet.
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    That's not right... either it is a platform bug/configuration issue, or it is a weak platform and you are overloading it somehow. The chances of "turbo" helping are slim to none.
  9. What he said.
  10. Without concrete evidence, it is anybody's speculations. Have your Task Manager Ready. When the CPU usage spikes up every 30 minutes as you said, you should be able to ID what process (and thus an image name) that is taking up most of the CPU cycles at that moment. You start from there.

    For all we know... it could be an antivirus scan. Maybe something comes with your box by the vendor.

    Or Google waking up every 30 minutes and sends reports of all the websites you have visited and all your keystrokes. :D
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