Lady Gaga ETF (GAGA)

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  1. Anyone have a clue what the holdings on this is going to be, I did not get much details other than that each creation unit will consist of 50K shares.
  2. 1) Her sweetness, tenderness and goodness? :confused:
    2) The number of FaceBook friends she has? :eek:
    3) It's the ultimate sell-signal! Thanks! :D
  3. Locutus


  4. I would buy Justin Bieber shares, he is GOOG of the music industry at the IPO stage.
  5. 1) OMMFG! Thanks for the sell-signal. :p
    2) The extreme and intense popularity of younger musical performers tends to occur at long-term peaks in the market. :eek:
  6. GAGA is an asian fruit company, not an ETF