Ladder in Sterling?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kcgoogler, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Anyone knows if i can setup a ladder in Sterling (for stocks)?

    Just too used to trading on a ladder for ES and find it hard to trade without it; specially intraday.

  2. piyayo


    Did you find any solution for this? I´m looking for the same!!!

  3. No piyayo. I was researching sterling; but never used it. I was using Echo's platform - i eventually got used to the shortcut buttons.

  4. edit: i think it was sterling afterall (customized to echo) - dont recollect correctly.
  5. piyayo


    Thanks @kcgoogler anyways.

    Anyone could please give some info about this?

    I think I´m going to hire a progammer to develop such tool for me.

    Many thanks!
  6. Sterling could provide what you need but it seems that they charge a quite expensive fee.
    BTW, someone told me that it's illegal to mine a vertical ladder privately. Is that true?
  7. piyayo


    Hi @Green Hand !

    Could you please give more information about that posibility? Have you used any? I´ve contacted Sterling and they don´t offer me any direct solution. That´s why I want to hire a programmer and make my own ladder (DOM).

    Why is it ilegal? It´s going to be a program for my personal use.

  8. Just reply to your private thread. Hope it's helpful.
  9. Is that in reference to the TT patents or some other reason?