Ladanien Tomlinson stiffed from pro bowl?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by burnin, Dec 18, 2003.

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    are you fukin kidding me? the AFC is stacked with halfbacks
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    Only Holmes has had a better year. Portis and Lewis have had some big games, i.e. Lewis 295yd rushing record against the Browns, and Portis's 5 TD game against K.C., but neither back has been consistent on a game by game basis. Tomlinson is superlative both as a runner and has superior skills as a pass catcher. In terms of pure talent, L.T. is the second best running back in the AFC.
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    Yea Burnin, just thinking about the depth in that conferance. Guys who didn't make it. Williams, James, Martin, Dillon (his standout replacement R. Johnson), Taylor, and Henry. This era is to RB's what the mid 80's was to QB's.
  4. Bull-shit! L.T. is great and he is my second fav back, but he is second in talent to Portis. Put portis behind KC's blockers and he goes for 2,000 and 25TD's!!!!!! :D

    BTW; I am going to spank your ass this weekend! Shaun and Portis gonna run all over ya sucker!

    Speaking of Portis and KC; my prediction -- Denver squeeks into playoffs and knocks KC out second round only to lose to the Pats in the AFC championship game. You heard it here first. I think Tradesports only giving Denver like 5% chance to win the bowl, still time Kurt!
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    Yea, J.C. I don't think I can beat you 3 times this year!!
  6. Bro I gave you the first one and you KNOW it, so don't come on here talking smack boy...
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    thats not neccesarily true...Lewis has had a great year and been very consistent....he may not have been great in the receiving end of things nor a fantasy football best but he has had more consistency with the rock than L.T.
  8. Ahaman is another who has truly been at his finest...
  9. ElCubano

    ElCubano in ricky?? Ok year; needs help in the front poor fins need a big time shake up...starting with wandstet/turner and their terrible play calling and getting some consistency in the QB area......Dave out Spurrier in....get rid of Hizuenga also.....:D

    Martin in Curtis? ..that has-been didnt score he first TD till a couple of weeks ago.....

    I have 10 cyber dollars on Hellzzzzzzz.....looks like he will in fact whoop dat assssssss....good luck 2 both peace
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