Lack of violent short squeezes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GreenDog, May 12, 2003.

  1. late in the day is interesting.

    I love to ride a good squeeze in the 3:30-4:00 time-frame -- but violent squeezes have been few and far between lately.

    ... interesting.

    I'm still expecting a good tradeable downleg -- but at this point the ONLY way to play it is to the upside. There will be plenty of time to get short this summer.

  2. just the same there isnt any heavy selling either, even today the buyers seemed to dissappear in the afternoon, at least in my stocks, but nobody selling either...
  3. JT47319


    A lot chop going into the end of day. I too was expecting a short squeeze or short covering in the form of a rat tail like every other day. There's a certain irony to shorting the shorts.

    Anyways, no EOD pop. Atypical, but a lot of bears may have already been washed out.
  4. these days the bulk of the moves are made in the AM. afternoons have been very dull!:mad:
  5. lindq


    This kind of action in my experience feels like we are near a top. Look at the volumn in the past few weeks on SPY. Buyers and sellers nearing equilibrium. No big commitment either way. Now the big questions are, how quickly will we correct, and how far? And what will push us over the top?
  6. JT47319


    Historically and statistically speaking, that's always been the case. Newer highs and newer lows are more likely to occur in the morning than at any other time, followed by near EOD, and least likely mid-day.

    As for this being the top, who the hell knows. I'll wait for my indicators to tell me so and another to confirm.
  7. The one characteristic I have noticed in about 7 of these "rallies" since the top , is that they rarely back off, as shorts are getting creamed, and keep a natural bid under the market, or people who got in early in the cycle refuse to sell, thinking they bought the bottom.

    Either way, makes for a snoozefest after 11:00AM. These are one-way markets for the most part, game of chicken between the controlling party.

    Even back in 1998-2000, the intra-day selloff were vicious, and the late-day squeezes were a nice way to end the day.

    Oh well, times have changed, maybe @ higher prices there will be more intraday vol.
  8. Check out that S&P monthly. Suck in some more "shrots" down here.