Lack of morality, not poverty is the driver behind criminality says Cambridge study.

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  1. Poverty is not an excuse for crime as morality is the biggest factor

    PUBLISHED: 17:32, 24 June 2012 | UPDATED: 10:14, 25 June 2012

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    Children commit crime because they lack morals and not just because of the environment they live in, according to a new study.

    Cambridge University studied around 700 young people in
    Peterborough for over a decade and discovered that most adolescent crime is not just youthful opportunism.

    In fact, while it is agreed that urban environments trigger some young people to commit crime, it is their morality which is the biggest factor.

    Other teenagers remain highly resistant to committing crime - regardless of the circumstances.

    A lack of moral compass, rather than the opportunity to commit crime or social background, was revealed to be the most important factor in youths breaking the law.

    The research, which is the most comprehensive study of youth crime in Europe, found that teenagers who avoided crime did so not because they feared the consequences or lacked the chance, but because they saw it as wrong.

    Professor Per-Olof Wikstrom, who led the Cambridge study, said: ‘'Many young people are ‘crime-averse’ and simply don’t perceive crime as a possible course of action - it doesn’t matter what the situation is.

    The idea that opportunity makes the thief – that young people will inevitably commit crime in certain environments – runs counter to our findings.

    ‘Rather, only the “crime-prone” become vulnerable to said opportunities when taking part in environments with a moral context that encourages or at least does not discourage crime.’

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    So who are these fools that say giving more food stamps and redistributing wealth will deter crime?
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    the same leftist fools who think terrorism is about poverty, that way they can try and use it for their agenda which is redistribution and control
  3. What this study suggests is that schools must continually drive home standards on ethics and integrity from an early age all the way out to high school. In the old days, there were classes on ethics, morals, and civilized behavior - not any more.

    Having the schools do this means that no matter what a child's home life is like (broken home, etc.) or income level then each child was provided training over time about what is morally correct. Additional proper guidance from decent parents will only enhance the situation.
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    In the 1950s the liberals on the U.S. Supreme Court like justice Brennan started ripping references to God out of the class, the courtrooms, govt institutions and the public square.

    Subsequently we have seen, Wall Street, local, state and federal govt grow out of control, we have seen are schools go from the best in the world to middle and we have watched our inner cities become dystopian.

    Cambridge finally had the balls to say what conservatives have been telling you leftists for a long time.
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    it takes good families
    where dads are encouraged to stay with the families
    and it takes a society that states there is right from wrong.
    Moral equivalence leads to phychos.
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    that would by psychos with low phychos.
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    Exactly right, G trend;
    Private, Christian, Jewish, home schools ,still do teach morals, ethics, Word of God., discipline

    Things wre much better when we got paddles in schools also.
    They made boys take thier wallets out, then hit a bad but hard, with a paddle about 1'' X 4"" by 3 or 4 '. They used 2 hands to swat bad buts, nowdays they have to call the swat team with assault rifles & police to ''educate'':cool:
  9. Here is a prime example of lack of morality. 2 girls steal $150 from a girl scout, then instead of being sorry they did it, they are mad because they didnt get to keep the money when they got charges brought against them. These girls didnt even know what they were going to do with the money, they just took it because they thought it was easy money.

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    Tsing Tao

    Unreal. The one comforting fact is that these girls will end up having to make money throughout their miserable lives by stripping or as porn actresses, as they lack any other redeemable quality whatsoever.
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