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  1. Any other folks out there using LabView for your trading sims?
    Maybe we can swap components and such.
  2. I was thinking about looking into LabView for developing trading systems, does anyone have any pointers?


  3. twinx


    I will also look into.
    ...does anyone?

  4. Used LabView years ago (10+?) for instrumentation and avionics simulation systems and built a couple simple BlackScholes option graph programs (LW CVI).

    The simple and powerful charting interfaces were great, but I've since built all my apps in Visual Basic. Been using VB for several years (got Studio free from old MSDN subs). I need to rewrite again in C# sometime, but the VB works fine and is easy as hell.

    But I guess this won't help you, because it was several computers ago and I probably couldn't even re-compile in LW anymore.

    I think the advice I'd give is to just use a more mainstream product like C#. Yeah, I know, lots of Mickysoft haters here would use Python or whatnot, but heck...I just go with what's easiest and what I already know. Works fine for me.

    Good luck with your efforts.
  5. twinx


    This is my problem where i stay now. I have two books of petzold about c# but i dont want to learn a hole language for a smal charting and order tool. So, LabVIEW looks like what i need...

    What is the disadvantage of LabVIEW? I dont mean, the main difference, it is clear for me that LabVIEW is not the same as C++, C# etc...
  6. I guess there might not be many disadvantages. Heck, C is C, for the most part (talking Lab Windows here). And I think controls can be easily brought into MS Visual Studio anyway if you wanted to.

    But I'm thinking in the future about maintanance and also about the user base. If you have any question, and I mean anything, about Visual Basic for example, the answer is a minute and a Google away.
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    :D This is not MY experience! Would be nice, but i tried with Excel and VBA for example and my answers for my questions where not a minute and a Google away....
    So i bought a german book about LabView with a studentsversion today and i am in suspense, it looks very interesting, the "other" way of "programming".

    Thanks for your comments.