Labor Day to Be Cancelled in US in 2012 - Rumor!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by shortie, Sep 4, 2011.

Job Situation By Election Time in 2012?

  1. will get better

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  2. will stay the same

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  3. will get worse

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  1. due to sky-rocketing unemployment. the government does not want to upset people with a reminder that there used to be JOBs.
  2. Source?
  3. Let the man run his thread using his head, would you?
  4. "Shortie's Think Tank"
  5. Lucrum


    Was shortie cooling his heals in the drunk tank when he came up with the idea for this thread?
  6. wolfpack


    Well I happen to think this is hilarious!
  7. Lucrum


    And no doubt your new alias for next month will as well.
  8. 2012 Labor day is safe.

    Obama will make sure there are enough ditch and grave diggers to keep the unemployment numbers low.