Labor Camps possible in the US?

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  1. I was watching a movie today that had to do with Nazi labor camps and was thinking..."Could some form of labor camp come to the US?"

    I imagine it going down like this. Unemployment hitting 25%+ and people going out and stealing and robbing people just to be able to afford food. People that want to work, but are just so desperate and there is no work at all. Then I imagine Obama coming in and coming up with a sort of "voluntary" Labor camp, where the Government gives you barracks type housing and basic work, like farming, manufacturing clothes and things like that. These jobs would be unpaid except for the fact that you & your family get 3-4 good meals per day and a safe place to sleep.

    Now if you have nothing and no income, you would be very dependant on a place like this which would make it to where you could never really leave without starving your first day out of the camp. I'm sure these camps would also have rules that you have to work so many hours per day, there being a curfew of 8pm or something(out of respect to the other people living in the same barracks as you of course) and anyone that didnt want to live by the rules would be forced to leave.

    Once the government sees how well those programs work, its safe to say that harsher punishments for theft would come into play, thereby forcing more people into these labor camps. Before you know it anyone that has money, is contracting with the government to have textiles mades, or the purchase of food so even if you are not in one of these labor camps, you are dependant on the workers for cheap labor.

    So...anyone think thats possible and if likely do you think it would be?
  2. Hope not. However, Dept of Homeland Security has executive orders set up for just this type of scenario. Do your own research.
  3. Will it be the job of the Civilian Defense Force (equal to our military forces, of course) to "keep an eye on these folks"... and the rest of us too?
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    We've had the CCC camps for decades. I was hiking and I came across one once. I just walked on in and introduced myself, it was just after lunch. They were young people, I guess they were delinquents or something. They worked them all day and the guy in charge had a psych degree and he RAN the place, I saw him explaining what the rest of the day was going to consist of and I saw them listening... the tone was a notch friendlier than the US Army... it was well regimented... Probably their only other choice was homelessness or jail or something...
  5. Keep an eye on whitey.
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    Its fun to run around when bored into crazy land on the internets. I see video footage of miles of coffins in different parts of the nation and concentration camps. Well the coffins look like the real deal. The concentration camps? Not so much.

    So me being an all American lovin kinda guy.. I say to myself, these corrupt idiots in Washington sure are a pain in the ass, but they are not Nazi's or Soviet's.

    So if you except both. There are coffins, military actively trainings checkpoints on civilian soil, detention centers etc.. But you also believe this is a good nation with dumbass but good at heart leadership, what then??

    I came to this conclusion, you may come to another. Many things went into place post 9/11. They told you we needed to strengthen homeland security and prepare for nuclear and biological attacks. Research into the coffins, they protect handlers from those things. We are getting prepared just like they told us we should.

    That is my own thought on the matter. The massive miles of coffins are there, they are training military on using checkpoints and controlling civil disobedience. Come to your own conclusions. I have seen no credible evidence of any concentrations camps.
  7. The FEMA coffins you can see on google earth at

    33°33'57.36"N 83°29'6.26"W

    Heres a youtube of the coffins

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    And another of the Future US concentration camps.

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  8. America lovin' guy here also. That is why these actions should
    raise a red flag. Obama youth corp is very, very disturbing.
  9. I'm not going to comment directly on this FEMA issue - my point is different.

    peil - the video of the coffins you posted was from a year ago, during Bush's term.

    My point is that there is little to no difference between the parties and the presidents - at least when it comes to major issues. There are other powers in our country. By focusing too much on one candidate over the other, you get sidetracked.

    Case in point, remember Webster Hubbell? He was an Arkansas lawyer that served on Clinton's transition team and was liason to the Dept of Justice. I remember reading an article on him (he was part of the Whitewater investigation and I believe later covicted) He since said that when he and Clinton arrived at Washington, Clinton asked him to dig up any classified info he could get on JFKs assasination and area 51 in Nevada. I'm not joking. Any way, Hubbell was stonewalled by bureaucrats - he was given the runaround.

    I bring this up because even the president of the Unite States is often in the dark or misled. It's a big, complicated country we live in. There are institutions and bureaucrats and major companies that outlast presidencies. A president is oftentimes the flavor of the month so to speak. Sometimes existing powers find him easier to work with, sometimes the president has to be set up with scandal to get him to do something...

    There's a lot more going on and as I have mentioned many times before, the liberal/conservative and democrat/republican conflict paradigm is a pointless one.

    I see way too many people that stuck up for GWB go otherwise berzerk when Obama does the same things.

    You guys give Obama way too much credit. He's going with the flow. The only major issue of his is healthcare insurance reform... eveything else is a continuation. Change we can believe in is utter nonsense.

    Once again, I'll say that only a truly independent third party presidential candidate can change things. The Congress is too big and interests too entrenched.
  10. As to the "camps"... IF they are to be as sinister as they might... the Powers couldn't go on a building spree, soon thereafter herd people in to camps, and have us go willingly.

    First they need to build camps (or revamp old military bases) and have them sitting around vacant until we get "used" to seeing them.

    Second, they'll need an "excuse" to use them... some sort of attack on the USA... so people will "want" to move into the camps "for their own protection" at the government's direction.

    As for Hubbell.... suicide, right? (Wink, wink)

    I hope all of this is wrong, but deserves open-minded consideration.
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