LA Times Clinton taking $$$ from Foreign Sources

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  1. Clintons are the biggest "two bit" crooks around. I guess this is a reason for him not to have taken Osama when he could. I guess he got paid off.

    "The Clinton foundation and the former president's library in Little Rock have received millions of dollars in donations from the Saudi royal family and the Middle East sheikdoms of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar, along with the governments of Taiwan and Brunei."

    "Some human rights activists suggest that the Clinton foundation's contribution from Alibaba undermines his wife's outspoken stance on China's internal crackdown.

    "A former president of the United States received a donation from a Chinese firm that is involved in censorship, and now his wife is running for president. This is a shame of the U.S.," said Harry Wu, an exiled Chinese activist based in Washington.",1,1526102.story?track=rss
  2. Read "Year of the Rat." Absolutely scary compilation about how Clinton I opened up his coffers and our national security to the commies. Now Clinton II is about to happen.

    Anyone hear about Norman Shu/Su lately????? of course not
  3. So in addition to Jewish conspiracies, now we also have Chinese conspiracies.

    Get serious.
  4. Do some homework on the subject matter before posting next time. Ever heard of Mochtar Riady? I thought not. Moron.
  5. So an Indonesian has influence on Clinton. Big deal. That's still better than a Saudi having influence on Bush. Maybe you really don't have a clue. You don't know that when you have money, it's easier to make friends with the people in power and use that to your advantage. Why single out an Indonesian? How about Rupert Murdoch or George Soros (oops, we're back to Jewish conspiracy again :D ).

    Get a clue.
  6. You just proved a small portion of your ignorance. Riady is CHINESE, doing business from Indonesia specifically to be labelled Indonesian.

    Oh, and accepting foreign money for campaign contributions only to repay the debt by launching our most secret satellites from their soil (only to be plundered by the ChiComs) is called treason. Bastard should be in prison.

    Also, why is it that when the Clintons are (rightfully) dogged, liberals' first instinct is to compare and contrast the Clintons' behavior with republicans/Bush/etc.? We weren't discussing Bush. But for the recoed, I think he's a dirtbag, too. Kinda took the wind out of your sails, eh?
  7. He was born in East Java. Last I checked, there were no PLA in East Java. Never have been.

    You just showed your racist color. Are you going to call Obama a Kenyan?
  8. Don't pull the tired old race card on me boy. I stated nothing racist and you know it. The fact is Chinese is a nationality--of a country that is COMMUNIST. That's my point there were and still are our enemies as far as I am concerned. They want our technology and have been trying to infiltrate high-ranking US governement positions for a few decades. Bubba was just the type of up-and-coming politician who the Chinese determined would sell his soul (and our national security) to achieve power.

    Don't come at me with "well Bush did this or that" because we ain't discussing Bush right now.
  9. "Who are the Riadys? They originally come from China's coastal province of Fujian, opposite Taiwan; the Riady family's Chinese name is 'Lee.' At some point the family relocated to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia."

    -Year of the Rat, p. 7
  10. Ha. Who are the Bush'es (or Johnson's or anyone else's)? They originally come from Europe's coastal province of ...

    This is so silly. I'm sure you realize that, don't you? Mochtar Riady was born in Malang, East Java, what is now part of Indonesia in 1929.

    Google that!

    And BTW, communists didn't take over China until 1949. To say an ethnic Chinese born in Indonesia before communist China was founded would somehow be a communist China citizen because his ancestors were from China is, well, (forgive me for repeating), silly.
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