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  1. what is up with this guy ?? i went to the post office this morning and was acousted by his minions. they are against free trade, want to fire cheney, and bring back manufacturing to america. i tried to talk economic sense to them and reccomended the cato institute. one guy became very angry, turned all red and looked like he was going to sucker punch me. i made a hasty exit, what is up with these guys ??


  2. i don't know anything about la rouche, but if they want to fire cheney, they can't be all that bad!?
  3. The Ladouchemobile (old beat up truck full of hippy collectivists)
    often pulls sorties against Chicago's loop, slowly driving around spewing their marxist nonsense.

    Usually, they're spouting predictions of the upcoming collapse of our entire stock market & monetary system. Once the bullhorn man was shrieking about how 'Nazi' Israel is committing genocide against the poor opressed Palestinian people.

    These assholes make Nader look like a moderate in comparison.

  4. Sounds like too much fiber in their diet ... there are remedies for that.

  5. yeah, i agree. these people are serious mental cases. i remember seeing some graffiti in pittsburgh back when i was in elementary school that said--"kill satan, free larouch" LOL, he seems to latch onto the latest hot political topic and spin it to his advantage. he seems to be a very dangerous person to me.


    shoeless surf---- following vic's lead LOL

  6. Oh yeah, cos, you know, the Cato Point of View is the only one that makes Sense. Right.

    Some sure do need to get over themselves.
  7. Of course it is. Show me a single example of your Marxist ideals implemented successfully...anywhere. Name just one country led into prosperity by exclusively using anti-capitalistic policies.

  8. freedom is good.

    slavery is bad.

    what don't you understand ??


  9. Well, since you seem intent on classifying anything less than 100% total freedom as "Marxist", then how about: Sweden, France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Italy.

    Now, unless you have a special definition of "prosperity", are you going to claim life is hell in those countries, or that they're not prosperous?

    Name just one country led into prosperity by exclusively using anti-capitalistic policies.

    Well, actually, for the vast majority of the Russian population, their life was a whole lot better off using "exclusively anti-capitalistic" policies than it was under the "non-exclusively anti-capitalistic" policies of the Czars. You could probably make a similar argument for Cuba, too.

    But anyway, as I've repeated a thousand times -- yet the message doesn't appear to be getting through -- I am not in favor of exclusively anti-capitalistic policies. I'm not sure what more I could say to clarify this.

  10. Er, where I did I ever say "slavery" was good? Oh wait, I think I understand. We're talking "Randian*" (similar to English) here, huh? That's where commonly understood terms like "altruism" and "selfishness", and it appears, "slavery" take on a whole new meaning.

    *Funny actually. Because for all her vaunted rationality, she obviously doesn't understand the logical fallacy of "equivocation".

    Also, I don't think you'll find me on record as saying the concept of "freedom" is bad. It's obviously a question of "how much" and "what kind" of freedom. To that end, as I said, the Cato point of view is hardly the only correct view in economics. That's ridiculous. Even amongst "freedom" advocates you'll find disagreement with their position.
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