LA Riots , no comment?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Nothing here about my people?

    We will take back our land.
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    I'm a local.

    Staples center is this huge multiplex convention center surrounded by a few blocks of resturants, clubs and small businesses. Its all lit up like Tokyo, very new and shiny and lots of glass. Neat.

    The problem is that it is located in the southeast corner of the Pico-Union district, a very large enclave of south americans, central americans and mexicans. Its been that way since the 30s. If anything it has gotten a lot larger over the years. Its like east-LA only with newer immigrants.

    So people come along and dump a couple billion dollars into the area and suddenly expect the local population to behave on a big night. Ain't going to happen. These folks are bored. There are people milling around out on the streets at night all over Pico-Union. Tamale vendors on the sidewalks and LAs famous taco trucks all over the place (yum!). If you try to throw a big street party like a Championship game you are going to have a few hundred knuckleheads hanging out in front. Give them an excuse to tear some stuff up and they will.

    What did they expect to happen in that part of town?
  3. How about a Gatling gun next time? Pay Per View. I'm down.

    Da Good Old DAys
  4. Southern California has four seasons, just like other parts of the country, only our are: Fire, Flood, Earthquake & Riot.
  5. Weenies!! One Taxi Cab set aflame and that's a Riot? OMG!