LA, CA Traders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by downtickboy, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. I am trying to find experienced, successful traders or a small group of traders in the LA/Orange County area that have adapted well to the new trading environment. I am looking for traders that do extremely well. I am an experienced trader who is having problems adapting to the current environment and want to be around others that are already doing well and are willing to teach. Obviously this is easier for me than to go thru all the trial and error by myself. I have been fortunate enough to have negotiated an extremely low commission rate and trade on a very reliable system. However I don't want this to be an advertisement for the firm so PM if you have questions and replies.

    Of course you need to get something out of this too. So in return for the teaching/mentoring I am willing to get you a rate which I am almost sure is better than you can get yourself. In addition I am also willing to give up a small percentage of what I make. So I am not asking for a free lunch.

    I am doing this because for the past few months I have been trying to find successful traders to speak with and trade with but have not really found anybody open to helping. I have contacted a few traders on this board (different alias though in case this backfires) and have got some useful responses, some junk, and several non replies. I know there are some traders still putting up huge numbers out there. Hopefully I can get some responses from some traders who passively read these boards.
  2. PM me. I might know some traders in the area that could help you depending on how you want to trade.
  3. I appreciate the PM messages that I recieved. I am actually surprised that there are not more traders in LA out there in Elitetrader land that are experienced and willing to share. Anyway I wanted to put this at the top of the list one last time.